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The MG4 EV Hatchback: Great To Drive, Well-equipped And Relatively Cheap

Author: Cameron | Updated: 23rd April 2023

There’s been a huge buzz around the release of the MG4. This is because it’s an electric car with plenty of space, onboard tech, driving quality and some of the best residual values we’ve seen in a new car for a long time.

On top of all this, the MG4 is the first model in the brand’s range to use the brand-new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) that will be the base for all future MGs. With rear-wheel drive, a perfect 50:50 weight distribution and thin battery tech – which, importantly, doesn’t hinder range – it’s got a lot of promise for a car that starts at a competitive £25,995.

This all sounds great, but should you consider leasing one? In this blog we’re going to explore everything from design, specs, performance and running costs to help you decide.


MG4 design

MG4 orange - exterior static

We can’t help but think there’s a pick ‘n’ mix element to the MG4’s design. There’s a bit of Nissan Leaf, Kia EV6 and Cupra Born in there – it’s a very nice looking car.

MG’s Advanced Design team were behind the build and the brand’s value for money mantra rings true here. As standard you’ll get a modern, striking look that’s defined by 17-inch aerodynamic alloy wheels, a twin aero rear spoiler, sleek LED headlights at the front and back, plus this sort of X-shaped front-end that reminds us of the Toyota Aygo.

If you go for the top-spec Trophy model, you’ll get a contrast black roof and a very smart rear centre light bar that runs across the back of car.

Right from the off you’ll have the choice of six different colour options too. Two of the colours are solid paints (white and blue), while there are metallic paint options (black and grey) and two tri-coat colours (red and orange). These latter two are likely going to be the most expensive, with metallic paints likely to be middle of the price range. Solid paints probably won’t cost any extra, but which one you choose will depend on how fussed you are about having a glossy-looking paint colour.


MG4 specs comparison


On initial launch there are three different spec levels available for the MG4.

We’ve compared all the key elements of each spec level to help you decide on the perfect MG4.


Performance and range






Comfort and convenience


In-car entertainment


Safety and security


It’s also worth noting that MG will be releasing more versions of the MG4, the details of which will be revealed in 2023. However, what we do know is that these future versions will have new powertrain options, longer range capabilities and even the option of a higher performance model with dual motors and launch control has been teased.


MG4 interior design and space


Interior design

MG4 interior right-hand drive

The MG4 is nice to be in, with a 7.0-inch driver’s display and 10.25-inch floating touchscreen that look and work very well. A key here is that the infotainment system comes wtih physical shortcut buttons that, although they don’t feel the best, make it incredibly easy to use without distracting you from the road ahead for too long.

In terms of quality, the MG4 isn’t standout by any means, but it’s good enough for the price. There isn’t a great deal of soft-touch materials, but the space and comfort of the seats makes up for it. You’d have to be really picky to not choose this car because of it.


Interior space

MG4 EV tailgate

Hatchbacks have gotten much bigger over the years and this is a classic example of how you can fit a small family and their stuff in something other than an SUV.

Practicality has always been a strongsuit of MG’s rannge, and things aren’t any different in its latest creation here.

A flat floor makes things good in the back as far as foot space is concerned, there’s plenty of space up front and the boot is a modest but useable 363 litres.

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘frunk’ where you can store the cables, so you’ll probably need to store these under the second level of the floor.

Storage space is decent inside too. There’s a pair of cupholders near the floor, more storage cubbies around the place and a covered bin between the front seats.


MG4 driving experience

MG4 Orange driving

The MG4’s weight distribution, rear-motored setup and quick steering makes it feel rather perky out on the road. It’s quick to respond and feels lighter than the 1.7-tonne kerbweight suggests.

Couple this engaging handling with the off-the-mark zippyness you get from an electric car, and the MG4 presents you with a good all-rounder.

Our only criticism is that the suspension makes the ride feel somewhat firm at times. Nevertheless, grip on the road is good.

One thing that’s good about electric cars (and this one in particular) is that you can adjust the level of brake regeneration (i.e. how much the car uses the electric motors to slow the car down when you lift off the accelerator) while you’re on the move. A positive of this is that any energy from braking that would otherwise be wasted actually goes back into the car to feed the battery extra charge.


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