Skoda Fabia Review

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The Skoda Fabia is what you would expect from most Skoda cars, and then some. Solid, modern and well-equipped from the off. The entry-level S model hasn’t seen the Czech manufacturer skimp at all – both on exterior build and performance of technical components.

Some might argue that the box-shaped back of the Fabia hasn’t changed all that much from the older model. But it’s hard to improve upon this shape, which all but guarantees maximum practicality.

“A facelift from the previous Fabia is subtle, but it’s there. Slick LED headlights, a better front bumper are standard and give this car hot hatch personality.”

Cameron Hale, Moneyshake Car Reviewer


Getting into the new Skoda Fabia is just as refreshing an experience as its urban exterior promises, even if not much has changed from the previous model.

Going back on this statement, eagle-eyed drivers may notice that the new version is smaller than before. However, the way the car’s been engineered means it’s now larger on the inside. A raised roofline means taller passengers can benefit from more headroom. You still have plenty of elbow room, too. Neither of these are compromised either when you’re sat behind a tall person in the front.

A plastic steering wheel and seats made of onyx fabric doesn’t sound too sexy. But you can’t help but feel like the design choices by Skoda make perfect sense when you’re in the driving seat. Nothing complicated. And even if the materials don’t scream premium build, the convenience of the height and reach adjustable steering wheel is spot on.

Infotainment and tech

As standard, a more modern 6.5″ infotainment display replaces the old, smaller 5″ display. Connecting your smartphone to the Fabia’s interface is now a standard feature across the range. So, you can mirror your smartphone with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This saves you from having to spend an extra £500 on Skoda’s built-in navigation system – winning!

Tech doesn’t stop at the front of the car, either. In the back, optional USB cables for passengers to charge their phones is available. A handy option for long journeys with teenagers in the back.

For driver convenience there’s a stop/start system which lets you fire up the car at the push of a button. There’s also a service interval indicator which is an on-board computer system which reminds you via dashboard lights to book your vehicle in for a service.

More driver-assistance gadgets are available on the next grade up from the entry-level S trim, the SE. For example, you’ll get rear parking sensors, a tyre pressure monitoring system and front-assist collision mitigation. That last one uses sensors to monitor the road ahead and automatically brake if needed to avoid a crash.


With a 330-litre capacity in the boot, the Skoda Fabia offers a hefty 40 litres more than its Ford Fiesta rival. Upgrade to the Estate model, and you’ll benefit from a whopping 530-litre boot.

Deep door bins, a sizeable glove box and neat cubby spaces are littered throughout the Fabia. Among Skoda’s “clever ideas” is an ice scraper for its supermini. It’s tucked away nicely in the fuel cap door and is robust for its size. Not so relevant if you’re reading this in the summertime. Although you can never be too sure in the UK.

On the road

The new Fabia, like those before it, has an agile and responsive drive around town. However, we would recommend one of the turbocharged engines for greater power on motorways and B-roads, should you use them regularly.

A range of engine options are available for the new Fabia. Choose between 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol engines – two of which will be turbocharged (producing 95bhp and 110bhp respectively). A more performance-enhanced 110bhp is available too, with an automatic gearbox and dual-clutch transmission.

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