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New: Tesla Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid

Author: msblog@admin | Updated: 15th December 2022
Tesla Model S Plaid in action

Tesla has long since been the pace setter in the luxury electric car market, and it’s set to raise the bar even higher in 2021. An upgrade on the current Model S and Model X, the introduction of the Plaid versions take the latest EV technology to new heights.

We’re here to give you the latest on both the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Model X Plaid.


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Model S and Model X Plaid design


Since the launch of its first vehicle in the late 2000s, Tesla has epitomised stylish electric cars. Both the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid fit this trend with their suave exteriors.

model s plaid model x plaid front design

When an upgraded model requires no exterior facelift you know it must be good, and that is exactly the case with both releases. On the outside neither the Model S or Model X Plaid versions look any different to their predecessors. The instantly recognisable Tesla design provides the canvas for the stylish, minimalistic features, giving the models a fresh and modern look, even though it remains unchanged.

The Model X (pictured below) offers a slightly taller frame that gives it its SUV classification. Despite that, its refined aerodynamic elements give it the lowest drag of any SUV on the planet (0.25 Cd). And if you were worried about the taller roofline taking some of the luxury or pizzazz away from the Model X, the world’s largest panoramic windshield takes care of that.

tesla model x suv

As you would expect, the flatter Model S (pictured below) pays extra attention to detail on its exterior surfaces which provide a 0.208 Cd drag coefficient. Making it the most aerodynamic production car on Earth.

Tesla’s flagship red multi-coat is just another feature that really makes the Model S stand out from other electric sports cars, and arguably places it among the top end sports car across the entire market.

model s front end

Model S and Model X Plaid interior


The interior of both models are almost identical, which is good news because it means they both come with the same great features. None more eye-catching than the 17″ cinematic display that includes 10 teraflops of processing power to enable in-car gaming. Yes that’s right – passengers will be able to play their favourite games during trips in the latest Tesla’s. A second screen in the back makes gaming possible for all passengers.

tesla gaming system front and rear

The crisp cinematic display also houses Tesla’s Trip Planner – the brand’s impressive satellite navigation system that will plan your route with charging requirements in mind. Taking you past the most convenient charging points.

Wireless mobile phone charging is accessible for all passengers and is nicely placed just beneath the display screen to keep the central console satisfyingly clutter-free.

If all of that entertainment isn’t enough for you, both models are fitted with a 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system. So if you’re looking for a Glastonbury-like experience while your driving – the Model S and Model X Plaid versions have got you covered.

tesla interior features

Stepping away from its technological features. Both models present themselves elegantly. High-end materials are added to by the smooth wooden finish across the clean, clutter-free dashboard. It’s much of the same across the redesigned second row. Tesla manage to bring the interior into a modern age while maintaining the core of what customers are looking for with regards to comfort.

The only notable difference between the two latest models is the Model X Plaid’s capacity to accommodate five, six, or seven seats.

luxury fitted interior

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Model S and Model X Plaid performance


If you’ve been impressed with Tesla’s latest upgrades so far, then you may want to sit down with a glass of water before you read this next section.

Since both are electric vehicles, range is key. And in the Model S Plaid, Tesla has built the longest ranged EV ever. Clocking an incredible 390 miles before needing to be recharged, anyone living south of Leicester could drive to Paris without having to stop and charge their car. In the Model X Plaid you may have to settle for a weekend in Amsterdam, as the 100kWh battery produces a slightly smaller 340-mile range.

model x in action

Neither model drops its standards when it comes to speed either. With both the Model S Plaid and the Model X Plaid producing a mind-blowing 1,006bhp. The Model S Plaid becomes the first car to ever break the two-second barrier, recording a 0-60mph time of just 1.99 seconds.

The slightly less aerodynamic design makes the Model X lag behind by 0.51 seconds, but still hits the 1/4 mile mark in 9.9 seconds. Making it the quickest acceleration of any SUV ever made.

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Model S and Model X Plaid driving and safety


You might expect a car that performs so well to have to sacrifice an element of safety to achieve those levels of performance. However, the electric car giants have included an array of safety features in the latest models alongside drive assist technology that maintains Tesla’s excellent safety record.

The future of automobiles seems to be headed towards eliminating the need to actually drive the car yourself – and Tesla have taken another step towards that. Its latest autopilot technology can steer, accelerate and brake for you, though you must actively supervise.

Automatic emergency braking is included should you need it. 360° cameras providing maximum visibility, as well as 12 ultrasonic sensors will likely render it useless, but it is nice to know it is there. If for some reason, however unlikely, that the car is involved in an accident, front impact protection is enhanced by the chassis’ front end pillars.

tesla safety features

Speaking of the chassis. Its high strength architecture and floor mounted battery back keeps the car safe in any large impact and drastically reduces the rollover risk. Tesla themselves recently posted the below video, showing the Model Y being tested. We expect the Model S and X Plaid’s to deliver similar results.



Model S and Model X Plaid practicality


Aside from being able to drive over 340 miles on a single charge, the latest Tesla models come with a range of handy features that add to its already impressive practicality.

We have already mentioned the ability for all passengers to wirelessly charge their mobile phones. Tesla make further strides with software updates to your car that are done over-the-air. As well as the summon feature, which allows you to automatically retrieve your car.

tesla summon feature

You won’t find yourself lacking storage space either. The back row of seats can be folded down flat in both versions, with the taller Model X Plaid offering up to 2,577-litres of storage.


Model S and Model X Plaid price


With both the Model S and Model X expected sometime in 2021, leasing prices are somewhat unconfirmed. To buy them outright will cost you £110,980 currently.

You can however search our leasing options on the original Model S and Model X and assume that the upcoming models won’t be too dissimilar in price.

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