New Peugeot 308 To Arrive Later This Year

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brand-new peugeot 308

Peugeot changed the direction of its designs with the launch of the new, and increasingly-popular 208 model in 2019. Now, the French manufacturer’s successful rebrand is being rolled out across it’s entire range, first the 2008, and now the 308.

This one is slightly different though, and takes the modernised revamp one step further with the inclusion of Peugeot’s brand-new logo. The new identity is designed to assert Peugeot’s position as an innovative high-end generalist brand – and on first viewing of the new 308, it is hard to argue against it.

The new Peugeot 308’s standout features include:

  • New sleek and dynamic look that continues the brand’s commitment to its revamped range
  • The popular Peugeot i-Cockpit has been enhanced, refined, and modernised for the new 308
  • Three new driver aid functions including anticipated speed recommendation
  • Two hybrid engines available alongside petrol and diesel alternatives

The new Peugeot 308 is set to land in dealerships across the UK later this year – until then, why not search lease deals on the rest of Peugeot’s impressive range? Moneyshake compares deals from the nations top leasing providers and displays them all in one place to simplify your search for a new car.


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2021 Peugeot 308 design

new peugeot logo on the grille

The new 308’s design will not shock anyone or leave audiences in awe, as it’s much of what we have seen before from its 2008 and 208 cousins. What it does do though is continue Peugeot’s successful rebrand and offers a refreshing level of consistency across its latest vehicles.

Chiselled and slim headlights are no different to that in the aforementioned models, and specifically give a slicker, sportier look to the 308.

The 308 does have its own distinctive feature though – for now. Peugeot’s brand-new logo appears across the front of the grille, making it the first model to feature the revamped design. The logo is definitively more sporty than its predecessor and lend itself nicely to the recent facelifts.

A slightly elongated rear offers a more family-friendly interior, and is what separates the 308 from the 208 – putting the former alongside rivals like the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series. Aerodynamic efficiency does in fact play a huge part in its design though, and Peugeot themselves stress that every nook and cranny has been designed for an improved airflow.

side on shot of the new peugeot 308

2021 Peugeot 308 interior


Peugeot has taken driver experience to new heights with its range of comfort features included in the new 308.

Seats now offer a 10-way adjustment with two memory settings so that the driver can find their perfect driving position and have it memorised for when other users change the seats setup.

The front seats are not the only ones to benefit from the 308’s recent upgrade. Passengers in the rear will enjoy more leg and knee room than ever before thanks to the new 308’s wider wheelbase – as well as two USB sockets and a phone tray hidden in the central armrest.

Perhaps most impressive is the inclusion of AQS (Air Quality System) in certain trim levels of the new 308. This innovative system constantly monitors the quality of air inside the cabin and is capable of recycling it accordingly. Top-end trims will go one step further with new Clean Cabin technology designed to automatically filter out polluting gases and particles making their way in to the car.

new peugeot 308 interior

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2021 Peugeot 308 i-Cockpit


So impressed are we by the i-Cockpit system housed inside the new 308, that we have given it its own section.

The aptly named i-Cockpit has been a key part of Peugeot’s DNA since 2012 but never has it been so intuitive as it is in the new 308. Enhanced, refined, and modernised, a 10-inch digital instrument at eye-level is almost taken for granted – especially when you consider the new i-Connect that takes care of all the driver’s entertainment needs.

Another 10in digital screen is used for i-Connect and gives it a tablet like layout, as well as allowing different drivers to have their own profiles – watch out Netflix. Wireless screen mirroring works alongside a smartphone charging plate to kill two birds with one stone.

peugeot i-cockpit system

2021 Peugeot 308 technology


Entertainment isn’t where Peugeot intends to focus all of its technological advances though. A number of unique driver aids are included in the new 308 and make life on the road much simpler.

No longer will you find yourself wondering what the speed limit is on the road you’re driving. Anticipated speed recommendation suggests when to adjust your speed depending on road signs. Curve speed adaptation will also optimise the cars speed according to the severity of upcoming bends.

The small steering wheel offers another piece of cutting edge safety technology. It measures grip levels to ensure the driver is fully focused on the road and will instantly recognise dangerous levels of disengagement.

new peugeot 308 in action

2021 Peugeot 308 performance


You have four options when choosing your power output in the new 308 – one petrol, one diesel, and two hybrid engines. So whether you’re more power driven, economically driven, or more concerned about the environmental impact, there is an engine for every type of driver.

Both the 1.2-litre petrol and the 1.5-litre diesel engines are capable of producing up to 128bhp, although the former is available with a smaller output of 109bhp if you opt for the manual version.

The hybrid engines are where you will find the most power though. Named ‘225 e-EAT8’ and ‘180 e-EAT8’, both emit similar levels of CO2 (26g/km and 25g/km) as well as the ability to run 36 miles using only electric (37 in the 180 e-EAT8). There is a difference between the two’s power output. The 225 produces 180hp whereas the lesser powered, slightly more economical 180 e-EAT8 version gives you 150hp.

Whichever you opt for, you’ll be getting a good car that produces enough oomph to get you from A to B, as well as taking on the faster roads the UK has to offer.

powertrain from new peugeot 308 hybrid

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