Most Anticipated Cars In 2020

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Most anticipated cars 2020

Tired of concerning yourself with outdated new year’s resolutions? Well, you can ditch that sorry list of promises and see our compilation of 2020’s most anticipated cars instead. The world’s leading manufacturers haven’t disappointed, but do they have what you’re looking for? Read on for more details.

1. Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron quattro concept

Audi has taken its premium branding to the next level with this all-electric five-door SUV. Not only does the e-tron look the part, but if performance statistics the German manufacturer is quoting for the car are true, then you’re in for a treat here.

Full charge within 50 minutes, a 237-mile range and 0-62mph in less than six seconds. The brand wasn’t kidding when it said that “Electric goes Audi”. Bear in mind that battery age, driving style and weather conditions can impact these figures, but they certainly grab our attention.

From the inside-out the car looks convincing, too. The design is an even more futuristic spin on the Q range and orders can be made now for this cutting-edge model.

2. Honda Urban EV Concept

Honda EV Concept

Not one of the most exciting cars on the list in terms of performance. But in terms of uniqueness, Honda’s Urban EV Concept city car is undoubtedly the car-buyer’s idea of the typical futuristic car.

Unlike other Honda models, the Urban EV has an ironed out, youthful look which has an uncanny resemblance to Wall-E. Its boxy design and circular headlights give it a simple cuteness which can only be likened to crossing a Mini Cooper with a Volkswagen Beetle. But don’t be fooled, the brand is quick to point out that its new electric city slicker can turn from quiet cruiser to nippy drifter at the flick of a button. The alternate “Sport” mode increases the responsiveness of the car and adjusts the suspension for better handling.

You can’t discuss EVs without mentioning range. You’re in luck here, as Honda’s latest offering has a 125-mile capability on a single charge with a fast-charging option.

The Honda EV Concept can be yours next year, but you can speak to one our providers now about pre-ordering one using our contact form.

3. Kia E-Niro

Kia E-niro

The What Car? Car of the Year 2019. A great way to enter the market for Kia who still offer a market-leading seven-year warranty (or 100,000 miles, whichever one you do first) on this all-electric version of the Niro SUV.

Getting straight into it, the E-Niro has a 282-mile range on a single charge. For a zero-emission car, the car has a remarkably aggressive, sporty look that could almost have you thinking that you’re sticking to your roots. Of course, this changes when you notice how you hit the road at the press of a single pedal. Smooth as you like!

The E-Niro hasn’t lost any of the typical SUV practicality functions, which can be common among EVs. The 60:40 split-folding rear seats create a flat load bay and 1,405 litres of storage. Even while they’re raised this is a hefty 451 litres. Like the sound of the E-Niro? The good news is that it’s ready right now!

4. Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke 2

The first combustion engine car on the list, but equally as refreshing to the ears of car buyers alike. The Nissan Juke has long been a ‘marmite’ in the industry – dividing opinion with its unique exterior design and sparing storage capacity.

Fast forward to 2019 and Nissan has released images of its brand-new Juke range, which is both sophisticated and practical. Two solutions to two of the biggest problems with the car.

A sleeker and sportier look extends to the drive on the road, too. Previous issues with body roll on corners and unresponsive handling have been covered by the Japanese manufacturer, even with a set of massive 19-inch alloys.

5. Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

This ‘hypercar’ (high performance car) is a hot topic for the automotive industry. Rightly so, too. Porsche has managed to seamlessly combine fully electric power zero emissions with top sports vehicle performance.

Taycan aptly translates to ‘lively young horse’, which also fits the crest on the front of the car. It goes like the wind blows, reaching 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds thanks to a launch control feature, a 500kW charging rate and 680bhp.

Whether you do more driving in the city, on country roads or long-distance cruising on the motorways – Porsche have estimated its latest model’s range based on your driving style. For balance sake, we specified that we drove 35% of the time on country roads and motorways, with the final 30% of our time spent in the city. From it, we got a generous range of 204 miles on a single charge. Not bad for a guzzler. The Taycan was due to be released onto UK roads late this year but is looking more like some time next year.

6. Polestar 1

Polestar 1

A plug-in petrol hybrid which is based on the Concept Coupe from Volvo, which is eagerly anticipating release. Polestar is now its own brand, and its debut car is grabbing headlines already.

The body of the car is littered with carbon fibre, which extends to the inside too. Combine this with the slender silhouette of the car, the Polestar 1 is going to be up there with one of the most aerodynamic and efficient sports cars on the market. You’ll even sound good while zipping down the motorway thanks to Bowers & Wilkins’ premium sound system.

More importantly, the car has a generous range of 93.2 miles when the car is in pure-electric mode – handy to know if you ever come unstuck and run out of fuel. Not unheard of though, especially given the engine is a four-cylinder petrol which is supercharged and turbocharged. This new entry into the hybrid market will be available in summer 2020.

7. Skoda Kodiaq vRS

Skoda Kodiaq vRS

This SUV is sure to be the controversial standout among this list of most anticipated cars in 2020. Skoda announced that the Kodiaq vRS, a sporty take on Volkswagen’s modular MQB platform found in the German opposite’s Tiguan. However, this talented Scandinavian outfit will have the most powerful diesel engine that it’s ever put in one of its cars. The 2.0-litre TDI unit produces 239bhp and reaches 62mph in seven seconds. Not bad for a bulky tourer.

Packed with loads of storage options – including a free umbrella in the passenger and driver door – the Kodiaq vRS is set to be the epitome of Skoda’s solid build.

A virtual cockpit which shows your driver information and media digitally integrates smoothly into the dashboard, which itself has lots of nice carbon finishes. Alcantara sports seats and sport steering wheel make this car a true all-rounder for both comfort, performance and practicality.

The Skoda Kodiaq vRS will be available to buy or lease in Spring 2020.

8. Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

A compilation of future cars can’t possibly omit Tesla. Elon Musk is spearheading the transition to fully electric cars and the new Model 3 is going to be in the spotlight when car enthusiasts ask what the industry has in store for later.

Safety is at the heart of everything the American manufacturer do, and the Model 3 is no different. The aluminium and steel build withstood a roof-crush test where four times the mass of the car wasn’t enough to flatten the car. Not bad considering the car is 4.69 metres long and 1.44 metres high. Euro NCAP rated the Tesla 3 with five stars for adult and child passengers, as well as pedestrians.

With all-wheel drive, a 348-mile range and the ability to reach 60mph in 3.2 seconds – the Model 3 is out there.

Typical to most Tesla models is a minimalist interior. Every control you need in the car can either be done through the steering wheel or massive 15-inch touchscreen display, which stylishly juts out from the car’s dash.

Tesla’s heavyweight Model 3 will up for grabs in its latest form in Summer 2020, although the 2019 version is available now.

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