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MG ZS EV Vs Peugeot 2008: Moneyshake Compares

Author: Cameron | Updated: 23rd April 2023

The MG ZS EV and Peugeot 2008 are two affordable SUVs that receive plaudits for their well-equipped standard spec, class-leading safety and ability to be both functional and stylish.

But there is one key difference. MG’s model is an electric car; the other primarily uses petrol power.

You can buy or lease an all-electric version of the Peugeot 2008, aptly named the ‘e-2008’. But for the sake of sticking with the theme of ‘electric vs petrol’, in this blog we’ll be comparing the petrol 2008 with the ZS EV.

Read on to find out how the Peugeot 2008 and MG ZS EV compare with one another when it comes to design, performance, practicality and running costs.



MG ZS EV Vs Peugeot 2008

Let’s get straight into it.

Despite not being a bespoke electric car and being the cheapest electric SUV on the market, the MG ZS EV is smartly styled. Borrowing lots of components from the petrol equivalent ZS that it’s based on, the only telltale signs that it’s an electric car are it’s lack of grille. And the obligatory green strip on the reg plate, of course.

There’s a very good level of kit as standard, too. All ZS EVs getting 17-inch alloy wheels, bi-function LED headlights with LED daytime running lights, rear parking sensors and electrically adjustable, folding door mirrors.

The ZS EV is bigger in every aspect than the Peugeot 2008. 2cm longer, 4cm wider and 10cm higher. This tells too when it comes to the practicality and ride position of both these cars, which we’ll discuss later in this blog.

Peugeot announced this second-generation 2008 in summer 2019 and it’s a marked improvement on the first generation. It’s no longer a clunky, awkward-looking family car. Instead, it’s a much bolder, sportier model that is more akin to the character of a modern SUV.

There’s certainly a lot more pizzazz about it than the ZS EV. A busier front-end, marked by the chunky grille, secondary ‘saber-tooth’ lights, plus a lot of gloss black finishes elevate this car with more luxury than its electric counterpart.

If you regularly go on camping trips with the family, the Peugeot 2008 has a slight edge over the ZS EV with its design in this regard, with roof rails as standard. You’ll have to opt for the more expensive Trophy trim in the ZS EV if you want roof rails. However, the ZS EV does come with chunkier alloys than the 2008’s standard 16-inch ones.


Winner: MG ZS EV


What we think


We prefer the MG ZS EV’s subtly smart design over the 2008’s louder design.

We’re not quite sure what it is, but it feels like Peugeot have tried too hard to cram as much onto the car’s exterior in order to make it stand out.

Sure, this has probably worked as it’s a head-turner, but not for the right reasons, in our opinion.


Interior design and space



MG ZS EV Vs Peugeot 2008 interior design

There’s a big styling difference inside both of these cars.

For starters, the ZS EV is the more conventional of the two and there’s less lavishness than in the 2008. However, quality is still good, with plenty of soft-touch plastics and you get a larger infotainment system display (10.1-inch touchscreen) than you do in the 2008 (you get a 7.0-inch display as standard in the cheaper end of the 2008s).

Speaking of the infotainment, size isn’t always the decider. Saying that, the way the screen is positioned (built into the dashboard) in the ZS EV is less distracting than the 2008’s protruding screen. The ZS EV’s system is also more responsive to inputs than the 2008’s system.

Where the 2008 does score points is with its design. Peugeot’s new ‘iCockpit’ style looks more avant-garde than most car interiors in this class and generally edges the ZS EV with its abundance of quality materials.

Visibility out of both of the cars pretty similar. You’ll have a good view out of the front, although chunky rear pillars makes the views out of the back less great. However, both have rear parking sensors to help with this. The ZS EV goes one further and includes 360-degree parking camera as standard which is very impressive.


Winner: MG ZS EV


What we think


Undoubtedly the 2008 is styled better and has a better quality look and feel inside. However, the ZS EV is also built very well considering it’s a budget electric SUV. Also, a more intuitive infotainment system and better standard driving tech inside mean that it edges it for us.



MG ZS EV Vs Peugeot 2008 interior space

Both cars are good up front for space, as is generally the case in this segmennt. Even small SUVs will have enough leg, head and shoulder room for people over six foot.

The Peugeot 2008 is better at storage space in the front, however. There’s a decent amount of places to put your bits and bobs, including door pockets, deep cubbyhole between the seats, two cupholders, a tray at the bottom of the dash and even a hidden compartment that clicks open to reveal a handy space for phone storage.

In the ZS EV you still get your standard storage options. A modest-sized glovebox, adequate door bins and even a couple of cupholders are housed in a compartment that sits in front of the centre front arm rest.

It’s in the back where the ZS EV shows that it’s superior. Rear doors open wide, unlike in the 2008 which are harder to get out of. Headroom in the back of the ZS EV is better too because it doesn’t have a sloped roofline like the 2008 does.

Boot space is a one-sided affair with these cars too. 470 litres in the ZS EV trumps 434 litres in the 2008. The opening is also wider in the ZS EV, making it easier to load things into the back.


Winner: MG ZS EV


What we think


While the driver and front passenger might be better off in the 2008 with all those cubby spaces, the ZS EV is the better overall when it comes to where it really matters. No doubt most people looking at these cars will be carrying rear passengers often and their stuff, and the ZS EV is much better at doing this than the 2008.



MG ZS EV Vs Peugeot 2008 performance and price

MG ZS EV solves the sluggish performance issue that the petrol ZS has. All versions have a 154bhp electric motor that mean it can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 7.9 seconds.

There’s a good amount of range available (around 165 miles real range for the 49kWh battery, or around 220 miles real range for the 68.3kWh battery).

In terms of comfort and refinement, you might be surprised to hear that the ZS EV doesn’t offer a hushed driving experience despite its near-silent drivetrain. Wind and road noise is quite noticeable at high speeds. On uneven roads it’s also noticeable that you’re jostled around easily, while steering isn’t as engaging as most rivals. However, it smoothes out big bumps and potholes with relative ease.

In stark contrast, the Peugeot 2008 is a very good long-distance cruiser, with a soft suspension and the option of punchy turbocharged engines (99bhp or 129bhp). The latter can acclerate from 0-60mph in 8.9 seconds, so it’s a bit off the mark of the ZS EV when it comes to pace in a straight line.

Urban environments aren’t the 2008’s strong suit, with potholes sending a bit of a shock through the cabin.

Neither of these cars are a go-to option if you want something that’s a fun, sporty SUV that feels agile. Good driver-centric alternatives to the 2008 include the Audi Q2 and Ford Puma. As for better alternatives to the ZS EV, there’s the VW ID.3, which is a better EV option for a good drive.


Winner: Tie


What we think


It’s hard to pick a winner here because one is better for motorway journeys, while the other comes into its own for more local journeys.

For this reason, we’d urge you to consider how often you spend your travel time in both of these settings before deciding.

If you spend a lot of time on the motorway or other high speed roads, then the comfort of the 2008 will probably suit you better. But if you only venture on the motorway occasionally, then the ZS EV’s composure at slower speeds, on more local roads, might be a more logical option.


Price and running costs


In terms of price, you can lease a brand-new MG ZS EV from Moneyshake from around £299 per month*. Long Range versions are slightly more expensive, starting from around £340 per month*.

A brand-new Peugeot 2008 lease is available from around £223 per month* for the 99bhp edition. If you want the more powerful 130bhp spec, we have lease deals starting from around £288 per month*.


*Prices accurate as of August 2022


Using the entry-level MG ZS EV with a 49kWh battery as an example:

  • MG ZS EV avg. home charge cost (empty to full)* – £11, adding around 165 miles of range.
  • MG ZS EV avg. public charge cost**(20%-80%) – £11, adding around 99 miles of range.

*Assumes tariff of 28p/kWh. Cost of home charging will vary depending on electricity rate.

**Assumes tariff of 44p/kWh applicable to most rapid chargers as of April 2022.


Using the entry-level 99bhp 1.2-litre petrol Peugeot 2008 as an example.

This version has a fuel economy of 53mpg and a 50 litre (10.9 gallon) fuel tank capacity.

  • Filling up from empty to full would cost roughly £71*, adding around 578 miles of range.
  • Filling up the tank from 20%-80% full would cost around £42*, adding around 347 miles of range.

*Average cost calculated using average UK fuel price of £6.5 per gallon as of August 2022


Winner: MG ZS EV


What we think


It’s clear to see that running an electric car is the cheaper option here, especially if you’re not regularly driving more than 200 miles in one day. If this was the case, then we’d recommend the Peugeot 2008 in this case to avoid an over-reliance on public charging, which is generally more expensive.

If you are going to opt for the ZS EV, we’ recommend having a home charger installed. This way you can make use of the cheaper electricity rates. Alternatively, if your workplace has a charge point that you can use, this could be a viable alternative as it’s often free to use and you can get a full charge while you’re not using your car.


Overall winner: MG ZS EV


There are too many areas that the MG ZS EV excels at over the Peugeot 2008 for us to vote any differently.

As well as being cheaper to run, more spacious for a family and more environmentally-friendly while you’re driving around, it has noticeable performance advantages when compared with the 2008.

One thing we will say is that if you primarily drive long distances then the Peugeot 2008’s refinement on the motorway and more readily available/efficient fuel pumps make it the better choice.


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