Kia Sportage Vs Skoda Karoq

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With the rising popularity of family SUV’s, it can be difficult to navigate through the swarm of models available by pretty much every major manufacturer on the market.

We pit two of our favourites – the Kia Sportage and Skoda Karoq – against each other to decide once and for all which model is the family car champion. Read on to discover which of these two cars is right for you.


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As it’s the first thing you see when viewing any car, what better place to start than the exterior.

We think this is where the Kia Sportage really excels. It isn’t that the Karoq doesn’t look good, it does, it just lacks some of what the Sportage offers. The bold sporty look that Kia has gone for really pays off as the bold lines and mesh-like grille really catch the eye.

The Karoq, on the other hand, has a boxier design which makes the model look a little more outdated than its rival. Skoda‘s flagship SUV does offer a slight facelift from previous models. A lower roofline has been included to try and rid the Karoq of the ‘box-like’ design, however it pales in comparison to the impressive Sportage.

sportage vs. karoq exterior

Both cars can be modified to a colour of your choosing. However choice is more limited in the Sportage. Alongside the 7 regular colours available, the Sportage adds an eighth in the JBL Black Edition. Providing a lick of black paint to features such as the roof rales and alloy wheels, again this is our pick for the best colour available from both models. Although Skoda do offer 14 different variations to choose from, including solid and metallic colours. So it is likely you will find the perfect colour for you amongst it’s range.


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Performance and price


Performance will likely be towards the top of your priorities when considering either a Sportage or a Karoq. So we have broken down a few key details on some of the standout derivatives of the two family SUV’s.

The first thing you will notice is the wide range of engines available, with both Kia and Skoda spitting out over 20 different options each. To make things easier for you, we have picked out our favourite three from each model.

With the Sportage currently available on offer at Moneyshake, you can lease the 1.6 GDi ISG 2 5dr for less than £223pcm. If that petrol engine is not powerful enough for you there is the perfect opportunity to pick up the aforementioned JBL Black Edition that produces 174bhp.

For those of you desiring a more economical SUV, the Kia Sportage can also be leased in a range of diesel engines. Delivering just over 50mpg, the 1.6 CRDi 48V JBL Black Edition 5dr is our pick of the bunch.

There is no lack of diesel engines available in the Skoda Karoq either. You could save yourself almost £40pcm with the 2.0 TDI [116] SE Drive 5dr at Moneyshake, on top of an extra 8.4mpg the Karoq delivers. If you’re not as obsessed with the Sportage’s JBL Black Edition as we are, the Karoq’s diesel engine is likely the best choice for you.

To make things even clearer, we have put together this handy little table below to outlay the specifics and provide a direct comparison for you to better judge which family SUV is right for you.


*prices are accurate as of Monday 25th January 2021


How it drives


Regardless of how it looks and performs, family cars are all about a comfortable driving position. Thankfully, this is where both the Kia Sportage and the Skoda Karoq excel.

Neither model will cause you any problems in the comfort department. Electrically adjustable lumbar support comes as standard on all Sportages alongside other adjustment options including seat height. This, however, is exceeded by Skoda as the Karoq comes with adjustable features for just about everything you could imagine.

Skoda’s seat support is a welcome bonus as well, keeping you well placed even on the most brutal of roads.

kia vs. skoda family SUV on the road

Both models handle well too. Steering is nicely weighted in the Sportage and the Karoq with the former providing a sturdy grip against the road without much lean during corners. The same can be said of the Karoq too, thanks to its blend of sportiness and comfort.

Suspension is where the Karoq stands out. Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is included with all but the entry level petrol and diesel options, and can soften/stiffen the suspension to meet your needs.

The Sportage doesn’t offer the same flexibility and is therefore a little less forgiving. Its firm suspension provides a sporty feel, but bumpy surfaces are more noticeable because of it. This can be offset slightly if you opt for the smaller 17inch alloy wheels.


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Interior design and space


As you might expect for two class-leading family SUV’s, there is little differences in their interiors. Space is a key feature for both to fulfil its ‘family’ purpose, and both live up to expectations.

Differences in front and rear space are minimal, and storage spaces are largely the same. The biggest difference can be found in the boots of these cars. With the Karoq boasting an impressive 521-litres of boot space compared to the Sportage’s 491-litres. Although you’re unlikely to need more in either of the models.

It’s worth noting that both models come with panoramic sunroofs when you upgrade to certain trim levels, and as tempting a they may seem, they will reduce headspace. It is easy to find yourself wondering why a panoramic sunroof would reduce the headroom? But the mechanisms required to house the sunroof are slightly thicker than a regular roofline and therefore reduce space.

interior of the sportage and karoq

The interior quality of both models doesn’t spring up any notable differences either. Soft plastics and metallic effect finishes are seen throughout both interiors. The Sportage comes with a leather trimmed steering wheel that adds an element of class, that can be extended to leather seats on the more expensive trims. The Karoq’s modern dashboard is featured nicely alongside well-textured harder materials. Although both interiors are well fitted to ensure they are fit for family use.

8in infotainment systems are included in both as standard. They include all the same features, such as DAB radio, bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The only slight difference is that entry level Skoda Karoq doesn’t include a built-in satnav. This shouldn’t cause any problems though as smartphone mirroring means that your smartphone’s maps can be used instead.

Wireless mobile charging is an incredibly useful addition and is available on both the Sportage and Karoq model. Although expect to have to fork out a little extra for this feature on the Karoq.

With little difference in most categories between the two SUV’s, choice essentially comes down to personal preference and requirements. If you think the Kia Sportage might be for you and want to find out more, check out our full review that provides more detail on key specs.


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