Ineos Grenadier: An Ultimate Off-roader?

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Robust and boxy, the new Ineos Grenadier SUV might well be the Land Rover Defender‘s stiffest competition yet.

Besides sharing the same looks as the militant Defender, does it have the characteristics of a classic 4×4?

Find out everything you need to know about the 2021 Ineos Grenadier in our full review.

Ineos Grenadier
Credit: Ineos

Ineos Grenadier starting price

With a host of modern tech and a choice of straight-six BMW powertrains, it’s reported that the Grenadier will start from around £40,000. This is almost identical to the cost of the new Defender.

Ineos Grenadier features

Chemicals company Ineos began Ineos Automotive back in 2017 and immediately began putting together plans for a true off-roader. The rugged, no-frills 4×4 began as “Projekt Grenadier”, with confirmation two years later that the debut vehicle would be known as simply the Ineos Grenadier.

The Grenadier will be manufactured in two different locations. Its chassis and body in Portugal and then final assembly in Wales.

Should you buy one? Of course you’ll need to consider how much use you’d have for a vehicle which specialises in tackling tough terrain. As well as the price, you should consider its performance and overall driving experience on normal roads.

See how the Grenadier fares by checking out its highlight features below.

Ineos Grenadier 1
Credit: Ineos

Box-section ladder frame

A ladder frame is built for carrying heavy loads and is featured on most trucks. Used on the Grenadier, according to Ineos this allows it to carry up to 3.5 tonnes while at the same time offering great rigidity.

What’s more is that the frame has anti-corrosion features that are designed for withstanding water, snow, road salt and sand.

Beam axles

The very first SUVs swore by beam axles as a way of offering better ground clearance and a simple, space-saving design. In the name of recreating a classic, Ineos has opted for beam axles on the Grenadier to allow it to carry heavy loads while keeping traction.

ZF dampers and multi-link suspension

Just like the entry-level Land Rover Defender, the Grenadier comes with a multi-link rear suspension, including separate coils and dampers.

As with the drivetrain for the Grenadier, German engineering plays a part in creation of the vehicle’s dampers. Specifically, Friedrichshafen-based car parts manufacturers ZF has supplied the Grenadier with reinforced dampers.

Exterior design

Ineos Grenadier 2
Credit: Ineos

Ineos designer Toby Ecuyer designed the Grenadier to be boxy, strong and tall. However, doing all these three things doesn’t exactly give you a perfect recipe for an off-road vehicle. You’ve also got to throw in a bit of character in there too.

What’s refreshing about the Grenadier’s design isn’t what it does that’s radically different from other classic 4×4 models, but what it repeats without making it look to dated. This includes circular headlights, a rear-mounted spare wheel, exposed door hinges and very little overhangs at the front or the rear.

Also atypical of its ancestors, the Grenadier comes with independent 70/30-split rear doors which give you quick access to the boot.

Want to find out more about the Grenadier’s tech, engines and performance? Stay tuned into this piece for the latest information as we learn more about it.

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