Honda E Vs New Renault 5

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honda e vs new renault 5

It has been over 3 years since we first saw the Honda E concept unveiled and since that time it has remained somewhat unique. Then along came Renault. The French manufacturers have recently revealed the first look at their latest Renault 5, set for production some time before 2025.

The all-electric Renault 5 marks the third instalment of the model, its first makeover since 1996. The prototype immediately strikes a resemblance to the retro-looking Honda E.

We compare the two eye-catching electric cars to decipher which one is the pick of the pair.

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Exterior design is a real head-turner for both the Honda E and the Renault 5 Prototype.

The Renault 5 is very much unlike anything Renault has ever produced. Its square details are far from the smooth, round bodies we’re used to seeing in models like the Zoe or Megane. It’s vertical tail lights are a fitting nod to its predecessors and successfully make the latest Renault 5 feel like a modern take on the classic.

honda e headlights vs renault 5 rear lights

The Honda E offers much of the same in terms of shape. Although eye-like headlights are very different and especially prominent on Honda’s latest EV, really adding to the modern yet nostalgic feel.

A quick glance at both models side profile and you could be forgiven for mistaking the two for the same car. The boxy exteriors are almost identical, with only a few distinct Renault features separating them, including the bold yellow paint.

side profile of the honda e and renault 5

Because it’s not yet in the production stage, it’s impossible to tell what colours will be made available on the Renault 5. The slick contrast between the yellow body and the red trims, featured on the prototype, would be a welcome place to start though. On the flip side, Honda offers 5 different colours, including our personal favourite, the Modern Steel Metallic which really accentuates its retro-style features.




Renault itself has confirmed that the Renault 5 will use the same fully electric technology as the popular Zoe model. This means that both the Honda E and the new Renault 5 will be available in two different power options.

The Honda E’s entry-level 100kW motor produces 136bhp and can reach 60mph in a respectable 9.0 seconds. You can shave 0.7 seconds off that time if you opt for the 154bhp producing 113kW motor.

honda e charging

The Zoe isn’t quite as powerful. Available in 80kW or 100kW motors – Renaults current EV produces either 107bhp or 134bhp. Resulting in slightly slower 0-60mph times of 11.4 and 9.5 seconds.

Where Renault’s electric technology lacks in power, it more than makes up for in range. The Zoe is capable of being driven for 245 miles before needing to be recharged. For comparison, the Honda E has an official range of 137 miles. The slight caveat to having a larger battery is that it needs longer to fully recharge – eight and a half hours using a 7.4kW public charger.

renault 5 air vent and charging point

Honda’s all electric hatchback takes just over four hours to charge using a 6.6kW charging point. Rapid charging in as little as 31 minutes is also a big plus point for the Honda E, compared to the Zoe’s hour and a half rapid charge time.

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How it drives


Honda insist it has paid special attention to its driving dynamics with the E. It owes its sporty character to its rear-wheel drive and low positioned battery. Namely, it features under the floor of the car and centrally, giving it a very low centre of gravity This makes steering and overall handling of the Honda E very smooth and enjoyable.

driving the honda e through tunnel

Comparing this to how the Renault 5 drives is near enough impossible as Renault has released very little information surrounding the upcoming model.

We expect to see some similar features taken from the Zoe and implemented within Renault’s newer cars, such as the regenerative braking system. The good news is that the Zoe was commended for its enjoyable drive, so it is likely that the Renault 5 will be equally as impressive.

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Interior design and space


As with a lot of the Renault 5 specs, there’s very little available with regards to the 5’s interior.

We have been teased about a certain quirky feature that will be on the inside of the car though. One image of the concept model showed a crisp digital instrument that also appears to include a welcoming feature – perhaps a siri-type system? It’s mostly speculation at this point, but there certainly seems to be a lot to be excited about.

sneak peek at interior of renault 5

If you thought the exterior of the Honda E was quirky and retro, the interior more than matches it.

An uncluttered interior is achieved mainly through the absence of a centre console. It is replaced by an instrument panel that spans almost the entire width of the dashboard and features no less than five high resolution screens.

honda e interior dashboard and back seats

Honda offer another unique selling-point in its lounge-style front and rear seats. No middle seat or central armrest provides a smooth long sofa style seat.




Renault has remained tight-lipped on the Renault 5 prices, but we expect them to be priced a little bit higher than the Zoe, which you can lease for £193pcm* at Moneyshake.

The Honda E is slightly more expensive to lease, starting from £265pcm* for personal lease deals.

With a lot still to be revealed about the Renault 5, it’s unclear what that monthly price will include. Regardless, there’s plenty to feel excited about and both the 5 and the Honda E represent great offers for the modern hatchbacks.

*All prices are accurate at the time of writing (08/02/2021)

side by side comparison of both models

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