Ford Fiesta Vs Ford Focus

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Ford is a master of creating reliable hatchbacks that are fun to drive, spacious enough for a family and cheap to run. The Fiesta and Focus are two of the brand’s best-selling cars in the UK and are top of the hatchback class. But which one is better?

In our latest blog we compare the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus to help you decide which model is right for you.


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Ford Fiesta Vs Ford Focus - design

Both the Ford Fiesta and Focus have a modern and stylish design that is highly configurable to most drivers’ tastes. That’s because there are plenty of different specification levels to choose from that range from premium and refined to aggressively styled hot hatch.

The biggest difference between the Fiesta and Focus is their size. The Focus is 338mm longer and 110mm wider than the Fiesta, but the Fiesta is quite a bit taller than the Focus. The Focus is a more suitable option for a family car, especially for those people sitting in the back as it has more leg room than the very spacious Skoda Octavia.

Its bigger stance also gives it more road presence which make it seem sportier too, especially when you select either the ST-Line Edition or ST-Line X Edition. That’s because these models get a sports tuned suspension that lowers the car too for a sportier look and feel.

Ford Fiesta Vs Ford Focus - design rear angle shot

There’s plenty to like about the backs of both these cars too – both have an aerodynamic rear spoiler which subtly sits at the top. Other than this though these cars don’t have heavily-styled rears, but you can change this if you look at the range-topping ST versions. This will add a more prominent spoiler at the back and a diffuser with dual exhausts for an even more aggressive style.


Interior design and space


Interior design

Ford Fiesta Vs Ford Focus - interior design and space

It’s very easy to get comfortable inside the Ford Fiesta and the Focus because both offer plenty of adjustment for the steering wheel. Meanwhile the seats come with plenty of side bolstering so that you’re held in place well when going through corners.

A key thing difference you’ll notice about the driving position between these cars is how much loftier the Fiesta is. You get a lower, sportier feel from the Focus, which may or may not suit some people more than others.

You may want to consider a Titanium version of the Fiesta and Focus because both cars have rather chunky rear pillars which can make seeing out the back rather difficult. Visibility out the front is pretty good though so you shouldn’t have any issues at junctions.

For the best interior design without spending bucketloads on the range-topping Vignale trim levels, we recommend looking at the ST-Line Edition. On both cars it means you get plusher details like aluminium sports pedals, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and a keyless entry system that makes getting in your new hatch butter-smooth.



Ford Fiesta Vs Ford Focus - interior space

It won’t surprise you that the Ford Focus is the roomiest model out of these two. While this used to be an area where the Focus struggled, now it has one of the most spacious back seat areas in this whole class. Adding to this feeling of roominess back there is a completely flat floor which means there’s a lot less intrustion on people’s foot space that are sat in the middle.

In other good news there’s also plenty of space for belongings too in the Focus. That’s because there’s a big glovebox, a cubby space in front of the gearbox big enough for a smartphone, cupholders and door bins which will fit a small bottle.

Unfortunately there isn’t quite as much room inside the Ford Fiesta. However, you will be able to sit a couple of six-footers in the back without too much discomfort.

Boot space is another area where the Focus triumphs over the Fiesta. Namely, you get 375 litres in the Focus, compared to 311 litres in the Fiesta. Still, it’s not bad going for Ford’s smallest model.


Performance and price


Other than the entry-level 1.1-litre 75bhp petrol engine that kicks off the Ford Fiesta range, the turbocharged EcoBoost models are very flexible on both models.

Only the Focus has diesel engines available for those who need the best fuel economy figures for long-distance driving. These are available from the entry-level Zetec Edition spec Focus and offer strong effiency (67mpg combined).

However, the best petrol models are the best all-rounders, especially the ones using mild-hybrid tech to improve efficiency while retaining the strong pull from the turbocharger.

For bonkers hot hatch performance we recommend looking at the ST edition or, in the case of the Focus, the ludicrously quicker Focus RS spec. Unfortunately this latter model was discontinued back in 2018, but are very popular in the secondhand market thanks to its huge 345bhp turbocharged engine that goes some.

If you don’t want to spend extortionate amounts on a hot hatch, the ST-Line versions of both the Fiesta and Focus are very neat to drive. Their lower, stiffer sports suspension are very predictable when you steer and come with a well-weighted steering.


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