Electric Car Ranges Ranked: 10 EVs With The Best Range

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hyundai kona electric static

Few things are more important to an electric car’s reputation than its range. It has long been a concern of drivers looking to make the switch to electric – but now manufacturers are beginning to exceed range expectations.

Forget worrying about whether or not your EV (electric vehicle) can handle your daily commute, before long you will be planning your European road trip in it.

Because official WLTP range figures are slightly higher due to near perfect conditions when testing, we have decided to provide a full breakdown of both official range, and what it is more likely to be in the real world.


Electric cars have been ordered using their real world range in the table above.


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1. Mercedes-Benz EQS – 485 miles

mercedes eqs 2022

Currently the longest-range electric car on the market, the Mercedes-Benz EQS has dethroned Tesla (at least for now).

The EQS’s official WLTP range is super impressive, but as with most electric cars, it’s unlikely you’ll get this every time. That’s why, when a new EV is released, they get test driven by road experts in order to determine what their ‘real world range is’.

The good news is that even these numbers are strong for the EQS – you can expect to get around 395 miles on a full charge. This is thanks to the car’s massive 107.8kWh battery.

You can have the brand-new EQS with 328bhp or a whopping 649bhp. Even the lesser-powered version would give a hot hatch competition at the lights (0-60mph takes just 5.9 seconds). But if you want seriously rapid acceleration, then the AMG 53 spec will do this same sprint in a mere 3.4 seconds.


2. Tesla Model S Long Range – 412 miles

tesla model s 412 mile range

It probably won’t surprise anyone to see Tesla in around the top of the charts when it comes to range. The 100% electric manufacturer took charge of the market over a decade ago and has since become renowned for its innovative technology.

The latest Model S continues that trend with its 412-mile range that translates to around 345 miles when out in the real world. Still, enough to get you from London to Amsterdam without needing to recharge along the way.

This Model S is actually the Long Range Plus version, but even the current version boasts a 379-mile range (or around 320 miles in the real world).

Range aside, the new Model S excels in pretty much every other aspect too. Its 1,006bhp engine makes it the first car to hit 60mph in less than two seconds and provides the canvas for its suave red design.


3. Mercedes-Benz EQE – 410 miles

mercedes eqe 2022

Like the EQS before it, the Mercedes-Benz EQE is a bespoke electric car that shares the EVA2 platform with its bigger relative. As such, it also has a huge battery onboard (90kWh) that equates to an official range between charges of 410 miles. However, like we mentioned before, real world ranges aren’t as hefty, so you’re looking at more like 325 miles before you need to plug in.

Just like the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the interior of this Merc electric car are even better than Tesla’s various offerings when it comes to build quality.

Stellar ride comfort is a signature of these new Mercedes electric cars too, the EQE included. This means that it’s a great option if you do a lot of long-distance miles and need a quiet cruiser. What’s more is that rapid charging is standard, so you’ll be able to charge the car from 10%-80% in just 30 minutes.


4. BMW iX – 380 miles

bmw ix 2022

The BMW iX is currently BMW’s flagship large SUV and its tech-savvy design, incredible onboard comfort and generous 385-mile official range between charges make it a great option for an eco-friendly family car.

Out on the road, range is more like 315 miles when you specify the largest 111.5kWh battery pack.

Once again, BMW is showing how electric cars are more than just white goods, just like it did with the i3.


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5. Ford Mustang Mach-E – 379 miles

ford mustang mach-e gt

There was a lot of pressure on Ford to deliver when it announced the electric Mustang Mach-E.

To use the Mustang name on an SUV is a bold move, but the car has delivered. There’s plenty of room for a family onboard, yet you still get strong performance (the quickest GT version hits 60mph from standstill in just 3.7 seconds).

Most importantly, the electric ‘Stang comes with an official range of 379 miles between charges. In real world miles, this is more like 275 miles, but this is still plenty for most, especially when you consider the average UK driver travels 142 miles per week.


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6. Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 360 miles

tesla model 3 long range 360 miles

Yet another Tesla to make our list – this time the best-selling electric car money can buy.

Even as the more Tesla available, the Model 3 does not offer budget performance. According to WLTP tests, the Model 3 can manage up to 360 miles on a single charge. However, that apparently translates to 285 miles when you take on real world conditions.

That famous Tesla red is prevalent in the Model 3 and gives it its smooth, classy exterior.

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7. Volkswagen ID.3 – 336 miles

volkswagen id.3 263 mile range

Volkswagen has nailed the quirky, futuristic electric car feel with the ID.3 while still powering it with a hefty battery.

The largest 77kWh battery powering the ID.3 ‘Tour’ trim is the one we’re picking out here. It’s capable of running officially 336 miles, though in normal conditions this is more like 280 miles.

With the ability to rapid charge at a high rate of 150kW, the ID.3 can be charged from 10%-80% in just 30 minutes.

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8. Polestar 2 – 335 miles

polestar 2

The Polestar 2 was a product of Volvo and owes much of its bold, broad style down to its previous parent company.

Today, Polestar is its own thing and the 2 is the star of the show.

A chunky 78kWh battery is available in the Long Range model and it’s capable of an official range of 335 miles between charges. Out on the road, this is more like 265 miles before you need to charge it.

As standard, all Polestar 2 models come with generous levels of kit and the option of an additional Performance pack. This adds nice things like dampers, chunkier alloys and brake calipers. However, we don’t think you’ll need it, especially as this long range model has dual motors that will power you from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds.


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9. Nissan Ariya – 329 miles

nissan ariya 2022

The Nissan Ariya is quite an achievement for the brand, being its second true bespoke electric car after the Nissan Leaf.

A chunky 87kWh battery pack is standard on the longest range version of the Ariya, which Nissan reckons will get you 329 miles between charges. By this point I’m sure you understand that these figures are hard to replicate in the real world, so we’re reporting both to give you the full picture.

In terms of the Ariya’s real world range, you’re looking at around 275 miles between charges.

Along with a futuristic, stylish design, additional perks that come with the Nissan Ariya are four-wheel drive in this large battery version. This also means an extra electric motor to power the rear wheels, resulting in additional power that makes it really quick (0-60mph takes 4.9 seconds). The top speed also increases from 100mph to 124mph.


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10. Hyundai Kona – 300 miles

hyundai kona 278 mile range

Despite being one of the cheapest models in our list, the Hyundai Kona does not compromise anything in its efforts to provide a long ranged EV.

Its official WLTP range test resulted in it getting badged with a 300-mile range by the manufacturer. In the real world, however, you can expect to get around 245 miles, which still means that it warrants a spot in this list. What’s also impressive is that 64kWh battery versions of the Kona are paired with a 150kW motor that boasts 204bhp and can whizz you up to 60mph from standstill in a nippy 7.9 seconds.

The Kona is one of the most affordable electric cars in this list, has very good equipment as standard and is elegantly designed.


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Concept car completes a 747-mile journey without recharging

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

In exciting news, it seems as though battery technology for electric cars is already getting close to matching the ranges of combustion engine vehicles.

Mercedes has proven this with its newest concept, the Vision EQXX, which travelled a whopping 747 miles without recharging.

It was a true test too, with the manufacturer making a point of keeping the air conditioning on for eight hours of the 14.5-hour trip.

The question remains over whether longer range models are necessary. Or, if more reliable and abundant electric car chargers are more important to ensuring people want to switch to an electric car.


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