Electric Car Ranges Ranked: 10 EVs With The Best Range

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electric car ranges ranked

Few things are more important to an electric car’s reputation than its range. It has long been a concern of drivers looking to make the switch to electric – but now manufacturers are beginning to exceed range expectations.

Forget worrying about whether or not your EV (electric vehicle) can handle your daily commute, before long you will be planning your European road trip in it.

Because official WLTP range figures are slightly higher due to near perfect conditions when testing, we have decided to provide a full breakdown of both official range, and what it is more likely to be in the real world.


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1. Tesla Model S Long Range – 412 miles

tesla model s 412 mile range

It probably won’t surprise anyone to see Tesla top the charts in any EV ranking. The 100% electric manufacturer took charge of the market over a decade ago and has since become renowned for its innovative technology.

The latest Model S continues that trend with its 412-mile range that translates to 345 miles when out in the real world. Still, enough to get you from London to Amsterdam without needing to recharge along the way.

This version of the Model S isn’t actually set to release until later this year, but even the current version boasts a 379-mile range.

Range aside, the new Model S excels in pretty much every other aspect too. Its 1,006bhp engine makes it the first car to hit 60mph in under 2 seconds (1.99) and provides the canvas for its suave red design.

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2. Tesla Model X Long Range – 360 miles

tesla model x 360 mile range

Much like the Model S, the Model X has been recently updated and will be available towards the back end of 2021. The previous version’s 314-mile range is set to jump to 360, although in the real world it is likely to be closer to 295 miles.

For an SUV, the Model X is seriously impressive. It is simultaneously the fastest and the safest SUV on the planet. Its sub-3 second 0-60mph sprint grabs all the headlines but Tesla has gone to incredible lengths to ensure its drivers safety behind the wheel of a car faster than most Ferraris.

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3. Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 360 miles

tesla model 3 long range 360 miles

No this isn’t just a list of our favourite Tesla cars – but it is testament to its commitment to shaping the EV market when three of its models sit at the top of our list of longest range EVs.

Even as the more affordable of the three models featured, the Model 3 does not offer budget performance. Like the Model X, according to WLTP tests, the Model 3 can manage up to 360 miles on a single charge. However, that apparently translates to 285 miles when you take on real world conditions.

That famous Tesla red is prevalent in the Model 3 and gives it its smooth, classy exterior.

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4. Jaguar I-Pace – 292 miles

jaguar i-pace 292 mile range

You can relax now, the Tesla loving is over. The best of the rest when it comes to electric car ranges is the Jaguar I-Pace.

A 90kWh battery keeps the I-Pace going for up to 292 miles according to WLTP tests – though expect this to be closer to 225 miles on the road. Enough to manage most UK trips without requiring a recharge along the way.

Electric cars traditionally provide more power than fossil-fuel alternatives thanks to their motors, and the I-Pace is no exception. Jaguar’s whopping 294kW motor gives it a nice kick, producing around 400bhp and taking under 5 seconds to reach 60mph.

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5. Kia e-Niro – 282 miles

kie e-niro 282 mile range

Not exactly what you would expect to follow three Teslas and a Jaguar, but Kia gets it spot on with its e-Niro.

Much more than just a budget electric SUV, the e-Niro throws plenty of interior comfort and technology at you in a car that can travel up to 282 miles before needing a recharge.

That is of course its official WLTP range. You’re looking closer to the 230-mile mark if you’re thinking of driving the e-Niro on actual roads in less favourable conditions. Still, for an SUV capable of so many miles using only electric – its monthly price represents excellent value for money.

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6. Hyundai Kona – 278 miles

hyundai kona 278 mile range

Despite being one of the cheapest models in our list, the Hyundai Kona does not compromise anything in its efforts to provide a long ranged EV.

Its official WLTP tested 278 miles comes with a 150kW motor that boasts 204bhp. Its real range is closer to 245 miles but is still impressive when you consider you can lease one for just north of £200 per month.

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7. Volkswagen ID.3 – 263 miles

volkswagen id.3 263 mile range

Volkswagen has nailed the quirky, futuristic electric car feel with the ID.3 while still powering it with a hefty battery.

The 62kWh’s powering the ID.3 is capable of running for 215 miles in normal conditions, with its official WLTP range being quoted as 263 miles.

Using a 22kW public charger, the family car can be fully replenished in under eight hours – so you can leave your car charging while you work and come back to it, fully charged and ready to go again.

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8. Mercedes-Benz EQC – 255 miles

mercedes-benz eqc 255 mile range

You would expect a manufacturer with such a rich history of producing quality cars be able to successfully make its mark in the EV market. And the EQC does exactly that, with a long range battery too.

The premium-looking SUV manages just over 250 miles on a single charge according to its WLTP tests. This is reduced slightly to around 230 miles when you take it out in the real world.

Space is a key feature of the EQC, with three adults able to sit comfortably in the back – not always an option with some of the more compact SUVs.

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9. Audi e-tron – 249 miles

audi e-tron 249 mile range

Another big-hitting manufacturer to dip its hand in the EV market – Audi do so impeccably with the e-tron.

The 55 Quattro version manages up to 249 miles in official WLTP testing, but around 225 miles when taken out on the road. Premium air suspension included in the e-tron gives you an extra 50mm clearance which means some of those miles can even be off-road.

When it comes to power, the Audi e-tron does not hold back. It wont take you long to reach 60mph thanks to the huge 300kW motor that produces over 400bhp.

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10. Renault Zoe – 245 miles

renault zoe 245 mile range

A driver-centric hatchback that has proved popular among UK drivers, the Renault Zoe is so sought after for a reason.

The cheapest long range EV on our list, the Zoe is available for under £200 per month and comes with a 245-mile range that translates to 215 miles on the road.

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