Citroën Ami Funky New EV: Price, Features, And More

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new citroën ami plugged in

The Citroën Ami is possibly the automotive industry’s biggest step in to an electric future. It’s quirky design is only half of the story as the French manufacturer offers a glimpse in to the future of urban driving.

Designed to combat environmental concerns, and improve urban mobility, Citroën is gauging possible demand in the UK as it looks to expand it’s European rollout.

In France however, the Ami is prominent on car sharing platforms to encourage drivers to use the cars in and around the city – and not have to use, or even buy, their own emission producing vehicles.

But how does it compare to the already available electric cars? Very differently is the answer, and we take you through exactly what makes the Citroën Ami so special.

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Citroën Ami design


The Ami’s design is like nothing we have seen before. Other manufacturers have gone for the cube like design over the years and failed (looking at you, Nissan), but the Ami is different.

Its quaint design is made possible by a box-like chassis draped in Blue Ami plastic and offers unrivalled manoeuvrability. Measuring in at 2.41m long and 1.39m wide, the Ami’s turning circle is just 7.2m.

The usual Citroën brand identity is not as clear on the Ami. It still features the manufacturer’s logo front and centre, but aside from that, there isn’t much else to indicate who made the tiny EV.

citroën ami boxy exterior design

What is noticeable though, is the perfectly symmetrical front and rear end of the car, thanks to them using exactly the same body panels at either side of the Ami. Essentially used to cut down costs and make repairs on the EV much simpler.

We couldn’t talk about the design of the Citroën Ami without mentioning the manually-opened windows. Unlike your traditional winding windows though, they are opened via a hinge halfway up the glass that you just push up and open.


Citroën Ami interior


The quirky simplicity continues on the inside. Citroën’s two-seater is kept very neat. There is no central console (unless you count the mesh netting between the two footwells) and the dashboard is essentially a shelf spanning the width of the car.

That shelf does however include a cradle for your smartphone, and a total of three buttons. These control your hazard lights, heating, and fan. The digital instrument is also housed behind the steering wheel and features only the essentials.

uncluttered dashboard like interior

The Ami does feel very spacious for such a small car, thanks partly to the amount of light it lets in. The panoramic glass roof is a welcome feature that gives the car a comfortable airy-feel.

Fabric tabs that are used to open the doors are another one of our favourite features. In keeping with the simplicity of the Ami, a quick pull on the tabs opens the door – and a soft button does the same job from the outside.


Citroën Ami performance


In terms of performance the Citroën Ami really stands alone. At first glance though you’d be forgiven for not even giving it a second thought. The 100% electric vehicle has a range of 43 miles before it needs to be recharged, and a top speed of 28mph. These specifications however do not define the Ami.

citroën ami driving through city

Crucially, the Ami still fulfils its purpose as a city car, where average speeds rarely get above 28mph. It has good torque from no revs, and matched with its front-wheel drive, pulls away from junctions without a problem.

Its relatively small battery (5.5kWh) does not take long to recharge, which can only be done using the onboard plug. If you do run it flat, just insert the charger into any standard plug socket and your Ami will be fully replenished in around 3 hours. That’s about the time it takes to fully charge your phone.

citroën ami charger in the entrance to passengers door

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Citroën Ami driving and safety


Citroën’s latest product solves many challenges of urban travel. We have already mentioned its impressively small turning circle, and that is made possible by the Ami’s accurate steering.

As a small car, driving through busy cities is made much easier. Thanks to around 50% of the car’s body being made up of glass, visibility is no issue. Drivers can comfortably see all corners of the Ami, enhancing spatial awareness and making even the tightest of spaces a breeze.

panoramic glass roof allows for greater visibility

Citroën Ami practicality


For such a small car, the Citroën Ami is very practical. Despite only seating two passengers, and a central cargo net that’s purpose we aren’t really sure of – there is a reasonable amount of space.

There’s no boot, but storage space can be found behind the seats and in the passenger footwell, which is deceivingly large. Besides, when there is a small hook for hanging a bag or similar, what more do you need?

A rear-hinged door features on the drivers side to allow for easier access, and the passenger door entrance is where you will find the onboard charger.

For it’s intended purpose, the Ami’s practicality succeeds.


Citroën Ami price


The Citroën Ami isn’t available in the UK yet, but is likely to be launched here in the next 18 months. If the European prices are anything to go by, you can expect to pick up the Ami for around £6,200. Or around £17pcm if you put down a £3,000 upfront payment.

It is possible that Citroën will replicate the car sharing model that has proved so popular in France – where driving the Ami will cost you roughly 25p per minute. Akin to the bike hire systems we have across major cities in the UK, you could pick up a nearby Ami, then drive to your destination and leave it there for someone else to use.

The Ami is bizarrely available to buy at certain department stores across France – so don’t be confused if you see a new Citroën Ami parked inside John Lewis next time you go in.

citroën ami rear driving

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