Audi Q7 Review

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Audi Q7
The new Audi Q7

The new Audi Q7 has been given the “head of the Q family” title. And this isn’t a surprise when you consider its all-round quality package.

Unlike other SUVs in its class, the Q7 is more of an estate luxury car that’s been jacked up and given a host of great tech and practicality features as standard. Coupled with this are the separate LED daytime running lights which run on an impressive 40 watts of electricity for better energy conservation.

The Q7 is a huge car – being over five metres long – which says a lot about what to expect once you hop inside.

“Audi hasn’t compromised the Q7’s looks at all, and it still has that air of quality and smartness that all Audi cars come with.”

Cameron Hale, Moneyshake Car Reviewer


Inside, the Q7 lives up to its expectations of being both a practical yet luxurious experience for everyone. But maybe not so much for the passengers in the third row of seats – depending on how tall you are!

That’s right. Audi’s big hitter comes with two extra seats behind the middle row. However, even with the rear passenger seats adjusted forward, the back row of seats offers just enough room for children. In the middle row, passengers can individually adjust the positioning of their seat. Forwards and backwards. You can even recline them for extra support.

Large footwells sit either side of a small hump in the floor. This means all three passengers in the back have plenty of room to put their feet. And three adults in the back will be more than comfy for long journeys.

If no-one’s in the middle seat, there’s a convenient middle armrest which has fold-out cupholders on all Q7 models. Anyone sitting in the third row of seats also has a cupholder, but there’s no 12V socket to charge your devices back there – a minor inconvenience.

Moving into the front cabin of the Q7, and it’s undoubtedly the best place to be in the car. Even more so if you’re the driver. All the cabin screams quality build and convenience, which is exactly what you would expect for an Audi product.

As standard, all models have leather heated front seats. They’re very supportive and comfy, especially on longer journeys where the high ride-height plays a part in delivering a perfect driving position.

Infotainment and tech

The standalone 8.3-inch central rising infotainment display which comes as standard is crystal clear HD and is easy enough to use with the scroll-wheel. It isn’t as nice to use as the BMW iDrive system on the BMW X5. But it’s certainly up for the job.

With the standard infotainment system is Audi’s Multimedia Interface (MMI) Navigation Plus with accompanying touch-sensitive control panel for quicker use. Overall, the system is very responsive and looks as plush as the three-ringed badge which christens the front of the car.

Also, as standard on the entry-level Sport model is the beautiful Audi Virtual Cockpit. A 12.3-inch widescreen display behind the steering wheel lets you see everything from the Q7’s vehicle statistics to your media and satnav. All conveniently and sharply displayed.

If you aren’t a fan of the built-in navigation, you can always connect your smartphone to the vehicle’s interface via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This then allows you to use either Apple Maps or Google Maps, depending on your device.


The cargo of the Q7 can be a standout performer in its class, but only when you fold the third row of seats down. Even more so when you fold all the seats down. Luckily, electronic folding rear seats for the third row make this a doddle. As for the middle row, you’ll need to awkwardly go back around the car and lower them manually.

With all seats upright, the Q7 has a boot capacity of 295-litres. It’s slightly less than the Volvo XC90 (314 litres). But if the third row of seats aren’t being used, then you can fold them down to get a hefty 770-litre capacity. Bump this up to a whopping 1,955-litre capacity when you fold down both rows. What’s more is that the seats fold completely flat. This gives the Q7 a nice, smooth load bay. All of this is complemented further by the absence of a load lip.

There’s great storage in the front and back. Big door bins and a centre console in the front which features wireless and USB phone charging are standard. Even an aux input makes an appearance on there. So, you can plug-in and chill out.

On the road

Out on the road, the Q7 is the all-round package in terms of delivering both comfort and performance. The standard dynamic suspension smooths over bumps in the road with ease.

There’s the option for an adaptive air suspension, but for £2,000 extra. This upgrade allows you to pre-select your preferred driving mode, with a sportier setting improving grip considerably when cornering. However, all-wheel drive is standard across all trim levels, so you won’t be missing out too much if it’s above the budget.

The Q7 comes with a range of impressive engine choices. The standard Sport model has a nippy 3.0-litre diesel which gives 227bhp, reaching 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds. Sport models have V6 engines available which deliver up to 272bhp, which skyrockets even further when you opt for the sportier SQ7 models.

If you’re looking for something more economic, there’s a hybrid option of the Audi Q7 – the ‘e-tron‘ – which combines diesel fuel with a plug-in option.

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