Audi A6 Review

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The Audi A6 has stood the test of time. Ageing like a fine wine in the auto market. It’s hard to believe that the latest range has been around for nearly a decade. And there’s still much to love about this sporty executive saloon.

There are three different body types to choose from with the A6. The standard Saloon, a slightly more practical Avant and an all-road Quattro. Each body is similar, though the Avant is slightly longer than the others. So, if you value legroom (at the slight expense of a more difficult-to-park body) then the latter might be for you.

“From the outside-in the A6 screams luxury, class and A-grade practicality. However, its punchy drive is surprising and keeps a smile on your face.”

Cameron Hale, Moneyshake Car Reviewer


The A6 is a class leader inside. It’s the epitome of car comfort and tech. All models have leather seats as standard. They complement the plush, black panel design of the interior. All of which is made with the typical premium Audi materials. No cheap plastics to be found here. For an extra £400 you can upgrade to the sport seats if you so wish. But the only noticeable difference is likely to be the extra support you have around corners. In all honesty, the standard setup does enough to prevent you from sliding.

People over six foot will have no problem in the back, however because the third seat is rather high set, carrying a third passenger who isn’t a small child will probably be a squeeze. This isn’t helped by the large protruding centre console, which makes knee room rather scarce for a middle passenger.

Speaking of materials, the A6 is one of the lightest cars in its class. The 2.0 TDI Saloon weighs in at 1,645kg. This is almost as light as the BMW 5 Series (1,615kg). Even with a heavier diesel engine. Impressive for such a broad saloon.

Infotainment and tech

Just like with most Audi models, the sharp Multimedia Interface (MMI) system is in place. The tech will allow you to project your smartphone through both displays as standard. It’s remarkably easier to use and better looking than the normal setup. You can even upgrade to have the technology pack. This allows for an additional Bluetooth interface for a second device to be connected simultaneously. The pack is a hefty £1,495 extra. But with it you get the stunning 12.3″ Audi Virtual Cockpit for a premium driver instruction display. This is a lot of money for upgrades which aren’t necessarily needed, however.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the amount of class on display with the entry-level tech. Audi have seemed to mimic the more tech-savvy, futuristic A8 by featuring a dual infotainment display. It comes with a retractable screen on the dash and a bottom screen on the centre console. The top screen can be upgraded from 8.8″ to a 10.1″ screen, and the bottom screen is 8.6″ across all trims.


Accommodating is the word that comes to mind when you consider the practicality of the A6. The Avant is certainly the most versatile of the two when it comes to boot space. With seats up, it has 565 litres available. Put them down, and you’ve got a mega 1,680 litres of space. There are 35 litres of extra space than in the Saloon with the seats up. And with the seats down, you’re looking at an improvement of 685 litres (995 litres in the Saloon with the seats down).

The beauty comes with knowing that none of the passenger space is eaten into, despite the humongous cargo.

On the road

The extremely agile and responsive feel you get when driving the A6 is sensational for such a large executive car. Granted, it’s not as fun to drive as its 5 Series rival. But it’s much smoother thanks to a less stiff suspension. The suspension can be upgraded to an even comfier air suspension, though this will cost you quite a bit more.

As standard all A6 models get a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox which can be a bit hesitant when paired with the standard 2.0-litre 40 TDI engine. However, once it gets going, the 201bhp cruises rapidly and comfortably between 30-70mph.

Should you want a bit more power and traction, there’s a petrol-powered alternative which comes with the sophisticated Quattro four-wheel drive system as standard. It has 44bhp extra, has a top speed which is 6mph faster and goes from 0-62mph two seconds faster.

If you do a lot of miles and want to save on running costs, we recommend the diesel because it has a combined fuel economy of 62.8mpg. In terms of ride experience it’s also one of the comfiest, especially at higher speeds such as when you’re driving on the motorway or A-roads.

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