6 Of The Most Impressive Car Resurrections

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As the world moves forward so does everything within it – and nothing is more prone to change than the design of cars. You only have to look at the number of new cars designed year on year as evidence that our vehicles exteriors are constantly evolving.

Ever-changing designs mean that we’re often treated to an absolute gem of an upgrade to one of our favourite models that maybe didn’t previosuly look the part. So we have picked out a few of our favourites that have been resurrected recently and look all the better for it.


1. Ford Puma


After a 17 year hiatus the Ford Puma was reborn in 2019. Despite the first generation proving successful among UK drivers, it is fair to say its design was somewhat outdated. Others would say it was downright ugly.

It is easy to not even recognise why these two cars share a nameplate. The previous dull-looking, minimalist design has been truly scaled-up and modernised – turning the previous subcompact sports car into a crossover SUV.

The new Puma has retained some of its features from its sibling, the sloping roofline and canoe-shaped headlights have been kept, and drastically improved. A more expressive front end and pronounced wheel arches amplify the sporting character of the Puma’s latest facelift.

The 2019 Puma is said to represent the next chapter in Ford’s design identity – so we can hopefully expect to see more of the same from the popular American manufacturer’s.


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2. Mini Hatchback


Granted, we loved the design of the original Mini Hatchback , it will be forever etched into British automotive history – but MINI constantly reinvents its cars. Even since its initial re-launch in 2000, the popular hatchback has changed form in some way or another.

After 41 successful years for the classic MINI, BMW began to produce cars using the iconic name – and revolutionised the small car segment in the process. The German manufacturer’s managed to modernise much of the car while carrying over the elementary design principles from its predecessor.

A more refined bonnet and a sportier, more subtle grille are just two standout features from the first premium small car produced that matured the British icon while maintaining its unmistakeable character.

Even today, the MINI is being gifted with new facelifts. In fact there’s a good chance that between us writing this and you reading it – there will be a new upgrade to the MINI range.


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3. BMW 4 Series


Another car with a previous design that wasn’t exactly hideous, but it was definitely due an upgrade. BMW, responsible for the successful re-launch and constant reinvigoration of the MINI, has also done a great job in refreshing the eye-catching 4 Series.

Much like the MINI cars, BMW like to constantly keep its extensive range of models fresh, and the recent facelift given to the 4 Series range is just the latest in a long line of impressive resurrections.

The most striking new feature is the updated kidney grille. Alongside a longer, creased bonnet, and a more aggressive colour scheme, the now-famous grille lends a much sportier look to the 4 Series.

The Coupe is not the only 4 Series to have benefitted from the fresh design – the Convertible has also undergone major surgery and come out of it with an exclusive colour and looking even sharper.


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4. Alpine A110


Celebrating its 60th birthday this year, the Alpine A110 is a classic rally car that was resurrected in 2018 when the first A110 in over 40 years was released.

After a successful racing career, spearheaded by the inaugural World Rally Championship in 1973 being won by a driver in an A110, the Renault-owned brand was ditched altogether in 1995.

23 years later though and Alpine was reborn. The French manufacturer’s re-launch of the A110 has done an excellent job of making the Alpine look like the same car in a different era. Even placing subtle lines through the bonnet where the metallic trims were once placed on the original.


5. Ford Mustang Mach-E


Traditionally, the Ford Mustang is a classic American muscle car who’s looks resonate with pretty much every driver across the Western world. So it was slightly controversial when Ford release the designs for its new all-electric Mustang Mach-E.

The Mustang has evolved significantly since its initial release in 1965 and its sixth generation (the one before the Mach-E) sits much closer to the new EV on the Mustang scale. Despite this, Ford has done a good job of clearly differentiating the electric car from previous models via its design while also sticking to the iconic branding.

Definitive lines through the bonnet and bold, muscular curves on the larger SUV give the Mach-E a more unique ‘muscle’ feel, while the subtle front grille is modernised to bring the Mustang name into the modern era.


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6. Toyota Yaris


The Toyota Yaris has changed face a number of times over the years – and its fourth generation, released in 2020, is the latest upgrade to the popular model that first took to the road in 1999.

The new Yaris has purposely been designed to be more condensed and agile, in an attempt to meet the increasing challenges of everyday urban life. A slightly shorter body is combined with a wider wheelbase to increase the agility of the 2020 edition.

Toyota has managed to enhanced the Yaris’ performance while drastically improving the design. It’s sporty-looking body now leads the way for modern hatchbacks, with the GR Yaris hot hatch taking it to all new levels. A larger grille and strong character lines down the side of the car both contribute nicely to its fresh new look.


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