OVO Drive Anytime: Charging Your Electric Car Just Got Cheaper

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charging your electric car now cheaper

Costs have long been a concern for drivers thinking of switching to an electric car, but that is quickly changing. The cost of charging your car has never been more affordable, and with the introduction of OVO Energy’s new energy tariff, Drive Anytime, it’s about to get a lot cheaper.

A flat rate of just 6p per kilowatt-hour (kWh) offers savings of up to 63% compared to other major energy providers. That means driving your electric car could cost you less than 2p per mile.

Low recharging costs is just one of the many reasons why it may be time to start thinking about a switch to electric vehicles. Our recent blog gives another 7 reasons why the latest trend swooping the automotive industry is worth getting involved in.

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What is Drive Anytime?


Drive Anytime, set to launch in Autumn 2021, is the UK’s first ‘type-of-use’ energy plan and will represent a large step in the direction of a net-zero carbon future.

A type-of-use tariff means that OVO users will pay a separate rate for charging their EV as oppose to lumping their charging costs on top of their household bill. We have created this handy table to show you the difference in monthly costs using Drive Anytime.

These figures depend on your current energy plan, with the average cost around 14p/kWh.


Smart Software makes life easier and greener


What’s more, OVO members will benefit from Kaluza’s smart technology that makes charging your EV almost completely effortless. Part of the OVO family, Kaluza is one of the leading intelligent energy platforms. Their smart EV charging helps members save money whilst driving positive environmental preservation.

Simply use a smartphone app to set what time you need your vehicle fully charged by, and the smart charger will do the rest. The Kaluza tech will plan when to charge to meet that requirement as well as utilising off-peak times where possible. Don’t worry though, regardless of what time your car is charged, you still pay just 6p/kWh.

environmentally friendly driving

The UK’s race to net-zero emissions will be accelerated by OVO’s latest launch. Not only does the 100% green electricity provide no trade-off with the environment, but OVO’s innovative utilisation of unused batteries ensures that electricity is not unnecessarily taken from the grid. Energy will be drawn back to the national grid from the unused batteries of idle EV’s.

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How do I start smart charging with OVO?


It’s quite simple really. If you’re a pre-existing OVO customer, simply log on and select a charger to be installed. It is worth noting however that your Drive Anytime tariff will not start until after Autumn’s launch.

The smart chargers will be exclusive to OVO members but after all you’ve read today (and a free bp pulse subscription), it is easy to see why so many people are making the switch. Cheaper fuel costs alongside environmentally friendly chargers makes the technology an attractive prospect. For anyone who finds themselves wanting to do more in the fight against carbon emissions, OVO’s Drive Anytime tariff is a great way to do it.

Thankfully, the price of installing one of OVO’s smart chargers is very reasonable. Government grants up to £350, alongside an exclusive OVO discount of £100, means that you could have one installed for less than £400. Not to mention the savings you would get from the chargers could potentially cover installation costs within 18 months.

For more information about OVO’s smart chargers, visit their website today and get started on building a greener future.

greener future for the UK

Marzia Zafar, Kaluza’s head of strategy, said that the latest software would provide EV owners with “the energy they need, precisely when they need it, at the lowest environmental impact, and now at a guaranteed price that saves them money.” Will other energy providers be able to compete by supplying tariffs that support EV drivers?

Alongside upcoming product launches of our own, OVO’s Drive Anytime is one that we at Moneyshake are very excited about. We are looking forward to see the latest tech drive the popularity of electric cars even further, and set the UK well on our way to a greener future.

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