Moneyshake Car Round-Up: Will Fuel Prices Drop? Retro Electric VW Van Revealed, Aygo X Fights For Small Car Market And More!

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We’re back with the Moneyshake bi-weekly Car Round-Up, covering all the major headlines from the motor industry in the past two weeks.

Read on to get your fill of car-related updates, and keep an eye out for our fortnightly newsletter for your next automotive update.


Will fuel prices drop? Here’s how you can combat the current high costs

Close up hand holding green gasoline fuel nozzle and being fill gas tank of black car in gas station Concept of Global Fossil Fuel Consumption. Replace by alternative energy in near the near future

Average fuel prices have risen to record highs recently due to the cost of oil rising as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, petrol is higher than £1.55 per litre on average, while diesel is more than £1.60 per litre on average. This is looking likely to rise to above £2 per litre, so long as the war continues, fuelling concerns over reliability of supplies, and therefore causing hikes in prices at the pumps.

But should it all be doom and gloom? Well, not entirely. There are ways that you can get around being at the mercy of rising petrol and diesel prices.

Here are our top tips for avoiding the hefty prices of fuel.

  • Reduce the number of journeys you make by car, especially local short trips. If the weather is nice out, try walking or cycling instead! Or, if you can, work from home one or two days in the week, which should cut your fuel bill significantly.
  • Search for more competitively priced fuel stations. Mobile phone/tablet apps are a wonderful invention that let us access many useful tools, including the ability to compare fuel prices of stations near you.
  • Consider a more fuel-efficient car. Does your car guzzle the fuel because it’s big and/or powerful? Then why not consider a more fuel-efficient model? If you own your car, you can take comfort in the fact that used car prices are at an all-time high, so selling it shouldn’t hit the pocket too hard. Or even if you have outstanding finance on it, there is the option to return it early and still have equity to used towards a new car that’s cheaper to run.

Volkswagen reveal the VW ID.Buzz, a retro-style EV camper

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Covered Drive

The revealing Volkswagen’s promising electric campervan, badged the ‘ID. Buzz’, has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for what seems like an eternity.

Ever since the manufacturing giant unveiled their plans for a new fleet of electric cars and vans as far back as December 2019, this “rebirth of an icon”, as the brand itself puts it, has generated a massive buzz (pardon the pun…) among drivers and expert reviewers alike.

Two versions of the ID. Buzz will be made available to private individuals and companies – the standard five-seater ID. Buzz and an ID. Buzz Cargo Van. Both are currently touring Europe as part of a trial period of testing.

Early signs are looking promising for the ultra-modern camper, which is expected to add an avant-garde touch to this timeless legend.

Are you interested in this environmentally-conscious camper? Here’s what you can expect from the ID. Buzz.

  • New, smart-looking design: an all new MEB platform allows for brilliant agility, while modern touches have been added to what is essentially the legendary T1 camper.
  • Intelligent charging: quick ‘Plug & Charge’ takes charging cards out of the equation at rapid charging stations.
  • T6.1 wheelbase means plenty of space: whether you choose the five-seater ID. Buzz or three-seater ID. Buzz Cargo, they both have a 2,988mm wheelbase, nearly identical to the spacious T6.1, yet the ID. Buzz models are just 4,712mm long, versus 4,909mm in the T6.1. For this reason, these new models can fit into smaller parking spaces, without losing their practical elements.
  • Over-the-air updates and innovative assist systems: just like all members of Volkswagen’s ID. family, the ID.Buzz benefits from software updates for the infotainment system, charging and driver assist functions can be downloaded over the air, ensuring your car is constantly up to date.

The Toyota Aygo X continues fighting the corner for small petrol cars

2022 AYGO X

Just when we thought small, fuel-efficient petrol cars were on their way out, being replaced by electrified equivalents, along came the defiant Toyota Aygo X.

With its dinky dimensions, fun driving experience and affordable asking price, the Aygo X is living proof that there’s still room for small, affordable city cars.

Not many people can fork out £16,000 for an elecric city car like the Volkswagen e-Up and Seat Mii Electric. Plus, there are still concerns around these car’s ability to be suited to driving habits outside of local commutes, namely due to their lower-than-average ranges.

What’s more is that it has some greater appeal than the standard Toyota Aygo, especially as its ride height is 11mm more. This makes spotting pedestrians and cyclists much easier, while at the same time giving you the feeling of driving something much bigger, without the car losing its easy-to-live-with dynamics.

So, if you’re still looking for a cheap runaround that is flexible for short and long-distance journeys, be sure to check out the Aygo X. It’s now available to lease through Moneyshake for less than £200 per month!


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We reveal our best-selling lease cars by fuel type


Don’t know what new car to choose, but know what kind of fuel you prefer? To help you decide, we looked into historic website data and picked out our most popular lease cars by fuel type.

Here are the cars that took top spot across all fuel types.


February best-sellers dominated by Tesla and Vauxhall


February may have been -26% down when it comes to new car registrations compared with pre-pandemic sales, but some cars stole the limelight, namely those from Vauxhall and Tesla.

In particular, the Vauhall Corsa retained its position as the UK’s best-selling car. Meanwhile, the Vauxhall Mokka, with its striking new design and availability of an electrified version that has a decent range, the Mokka-e, also appears to be going down well with drivers.

Then you’ve got two Tesla models that continue to lead the charge for the electric car segment. The first UK drivers took delivery of the brand-new Tesla Model Y last month, with its longer range and attractive promise of future free access to the brand’s driverless technology. Then there’s the Tesla Model 3, which has been the best-selling electric car for some time, thanks to its advanced autonomous driving systems, long range options and seamless performance.


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