Moneyshake Car Round-Up: Vehicle Sales Up For 2022, Electric Car Hot Hatch Now Available And More!

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Can you believe another two weeks has gone by? We can’t! But there’s been plenty happening in the car industry that we want to let you know about in the Moneyshake Car Round-Up – our bi-weekly update of the latest motoring news.

Read on for your fill of the latest car news and get clued up on the headlines of what’s happening in the motoring world!


New car sales up 27.5% year-on-year in 2022


The UK automotive industry has had a much better start to the year compared to last year, with 115,087 new cars registered in January 2022. That’s a 27.5% increase!

This isn’t a total return to normality, however. The sector is still somewhat behind the pre-pandemic levels (-22.9% lower than in January 2020), with the chip shortage issue still proving to be a thorn in the supply chain.

According to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), this growth was fuelled by private buyers, who were prioritised by manufacturers due to supply constraints.


Rolls-Royce redesign Spirit of Ecstasy for electric car range


British luxury car maker Rolls-Royce has, in the ‘spirit’ of throwing its hat into the electric car ring, reimagined the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy ornament sculpture which graces its models’ bonnets.

The brand, like many other automakers, is switching to an all-electric lineup in preparation for an EV future.

For the brand’s debut electric car, it will launch a luxury coupe known as ‘Spectre’. While there hasn’t been much revealed about the specs or price of the Spectre, it will have the brand-new Spirit of Ecstasy propped up on the front of the vehicle.

Smaller (82.73mm tall versus 100.01mm) and with a different stance (one leg forward, body lowered), this new ornament is designed to be more aerodynamic and stylish.

Customers can expect delivery of the Rolls-Royce spectre at the end of 2023.


New DS 4 available for orders

DS 4

DS has never really wowed us with that standout luxury model that we’ve come to expect from it since it launched in 2014.

But the tide has turned with the launch of the new DS 4, which on the face of it is a true beacon of richness.

From its design – which has already been voted Most Beautiful Car of 2022 at the Festival Automobile International – to its plethora of in-car technology and performance. The DS 4 looks like it will really challenge in the popular hatchback sector.

The great news? The DS 4 is now available to buy or lease, with delivery expected in early 2022.


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New Cupra Born available for orders


Already named Best Small Electric Car 2022 at the What Car? awards, the Cupra Born is already taking the market by storm with its seemingly defiant hot hatch performance and setup, coupled with the fact that it’s an electric car.

It’s Cupra’s first electric car, but is a brilliant example of how even a near-silent, zero-emissions vehicle with no gears can still be great to drive.

Just like with any electric car, prospective buyers would want to know what the range is like on such a machine. This natural curiosity is ‘fuelled’ (ironically) by the fact that increased performance is presumably going to lead to decreased battery power. Nevertheless, the Born can still, in its 45kWh battery pack guise, can officially manage a range of 211 miles between charges.

Throw in the bigger battery 58kWh and 77kWh versions, and you can bump these numbers up to an impressive 335 miles on a full charge.

Jump inside the Cupra Born and you’ve got a lot of nice nods to the Volkswagen ID.3 on which it’s based. Great onboard tech greets you when you’re behind the wheel, the centre-piece of which is a massive 12in infotainment system with easy smartphone integration.

Like the DS 4, the Cupra Born is open for orders on a purchase or lease, with deliveries expected in early 2022.


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Which UK regions have the most electric home chargers?

Ev Home Chargers copy

As you may or may not know, electric home charging is one of the most convenient, inexpensive ways to power an electric car. The lower cost of electricity per kWh when compared with public charging stations, plus the convenience of being able to charge while you’re not using the car, makes it the most sustainable option.

But which regions of the UK are ‘leading the charge’, so to speak, when it comes to the ratio of home chargers to electric cars on the road? Well, we looked at data from the Department for Transport (DfT) on the number of home charge points installed through the EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) and the number of electric cars registered (up to October 2021).

We can now reveal that the West Midlands (15) and North East (13) were the top two regions for the number of electric home chargers per 10 electric cars. Nice work!


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