Moneyshake Car Round-Up: Tesla Delivers Record Number Of Cars, New Fiat Electric Supermini And More!

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There’s plenty to update you on in this week’s Moneyshake Car Round-Up, with a lot of action from major manufacturers.

One particularly renowned electric car manufacturer has announced record sales, while another historical car maker has announced another new EV will join its ranks. Read about this and a lot more in our bi-weekly automotive news summary.


Tesla announces record vehicle delivery numbers in Q1

Tesla Model 3 being transported

If you were ever in doubt about which manufacturer is leading the switch to electric, Tesla has the answer. After reporting record deliveries (310,000+ vehicles) in Q1 this year, despite supply chain challenges, it’s clear that it’s still the most desired brand of EVs for drivers.

And who can blame them? Especially when you consider the exceptional range, luxury design and seriously high-tech driver automation features available throughout the range.

Most of the deliveries were for the best-selling Tesla Model 3 and latest Tesla Model Y, both of which have a real range that’s way over 200 miles between charges. Performance is phenomenal too, thanks to huge horsepower figures coming from either single or dual-motor motors.


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Fiat unveils new electric supermini

Fiat Centoventi 2019 concept
Four new models are said to be inspired by Fiat’s Centoventi 2019 concept (pictured above)

Fiat has announced one of its biggest resurgences to date after it revealed plans to release an electric supermini and three new crossovers in 2023.

New parent company Stellantis is changing the tide at the Italian manufacturing giant and will provide more investment than the previous owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). This has allowed Fiat to produce a more comprehensive line-up of cars moving forward.

Four new model designs have already been signed off and are said to be inspired by the brand’s bold Centoventi 2019 concept (pictured above).

The new supermini is the most exciting announcement of the bunch. It’s set to rival the Vauxhall Corsa and Peugeot 208, with brand boss Olivier François saying that the is “Punto size but not called Punto”. Electric and hybrid engines are expected to make up the bulk of this brand-new supermini’s range, especially as the brand has set a target of going fully electric by 2027 in line with the UK government’s hard 2030 deadline for banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

Will Fiat become the “People’s Tesla” – the first mass-market EV brand – that François has tipped them to be in the next five years? Only time will tell.


The 10 fastest depreciating cars in 2022


Despite used car prices being pushed up because of a new car shortage, it’s still important to consider the impact depreciation has on how much you make from a car, even a used one.

While a car will lose most of its value in the first three years of its life, there’s a trend in those models that depreciate the fastest in this space of time. That is, they tend to continue to depreciate faster than their rivals even after this initial period.

So, which cars should you be wary of when it comes to assessing depreciation costs? WhatCar used its latest resale value data to reveal the 10 models that are expected to lose the highest percentage* of their original price in the first three years.

  1. Maserati Ghibli V8 Trofeo: list price £107,420 36k/3yr resale value £41,400 Price drop £66,020 Retained value 38.54%
  2. Fiat 500L Hey Google: list price £20,825 36k/3yr resale value £8,025 Price drop £12,800 Retained value 38.53%
  3. DS 9 1.6 Puretech 225 Rivoli: list price £44,705 36k/3yr resale value £16,750 Price drop £27,955 Retained value 37.47%
  4. BMW 8 Series Convertible 840i sDrive M Sport: list price £83,975 36k/3yr resale value £31,200 Price drop £52,775 Retained value 37.15%
  5. Peugeot 108 1.0 72 Collection: list price £14,960 36k/3yr resale value £5,550 Price drop £9,410 Retained value 37.10%
  6. Lexus LS 500h: list price £82,125 36k/3yr resale value £28,850 Price drop £53,275 Retained value 35.12%
  7. Fiat Tipo 1.0: list price £19,595 36k/3yr resale value £6,850 Price drop £12,745 Retained value 34.96%
  8. Fiat 500C 1.0 Yachting: list price £22,145 36k/3yr resale value £7,575 Price drop £14,570 Retained value 34.21%
  9. Maserati Quattroporte V8 Trofeo: list price £130,140 36k/3yr resale value £44,525 Price drop £85,615 Retained value 34.21%
  10. Audi A8 50 TDI quattro Vorsprung L: list price £102,935 36k/3yr resale value £34,075 Price drop £68,860 Retained value 33.10%

*All figures based on the trade-in value for an example that’s covered 36,000 miles


New 2022 Kia Niro changes platform, gets performance boost

All New Niro EV

Kia’s second-generation Niro has undergone a major design overhaul in order to compete with the likes of the Nissan Juke.

Just like the current generation, the latest Kia Niro will be available with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full-electric drivetrains. It’s expected to go on sale in the UK later this month (April 2022).

The switch in platform has meant a number of things for the new Niro:

  • It is 65mm longer, with the wheelbase increased by 20mm to slightly increase interior space
  • For the first time, the electric model Niro EV – which has been rebadged from the e-Niro in line with other Kia models – will have a small 20-litre ‘frunk’ that is used to house the charging cables
  • “Premium” recycled cabin materials available throughout the range contribute towards the brand’s goals of improving sustainability

So what does the line-up of the newest Kia Niro look like? Well, the hybrid will use a 1.6-litre petrol engine that’s backed up by a 43bhp electric motor, giving a total output of 139bhp and 199lb ft of torque. The more economical plug-in hybrid Niro features the same engine paired with a larger 83kW electric motor, raising output to 180bhp. The PHEV’s electric motor is powered by an 11.1kWh battery – up from 8.9kWh in the old model – giving an extended EV-only range of 40.3 miles.

The Niro EV maintains the same 201bhp electric motor as the previous model. The largest 64.8kWh battery will be the only option offered in the UK. It has a range of around 287 miles, offers a 0-62mph time of 7.8 seconds, 188lb ft of torque and can charge at from 10-80% in 43 minutes on a DC charger.


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Record electric car registrations in March 2022

Close up of electric car charging in the sun

March 2022 may have been the worst for the month in terms of new cars sold in 24 years, but electric cars sold in record numbers, having their best month ever.

The ongoing new car shortage and the large increase in petrol and diesel costs to record levels are factors attributed to the slump in new car registrations.

However, it was a different story for electric cars, as there were 39,315 new electric vehicle (EV) registrations in March. That’s more in a single month than the total sold in the UK in 2019, with buyers increasingly choosing more environmentally friendly forms of transport that have cheaper running costs.


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