Moneyshake Car Round-Up: New UK EV Plant Announced; Petition For All-EV Mandate; Cornwall Car Park Charges For Dodgy Parking & More!

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It finally feels like summer, and what better way to spend your time in the sun than getting your fill of car-related news! In this week’s Moneyshake Car Round-Up, we look at details of a new UK-based electric car battery plant that has been announced, why manufacturers are signing a new petition to deliver an all-EV mandate in Europe by 2035, plus a rather funny sign at a Cornwall car park which states that people who park a certain way will be charged.

All this and more in can be found in our latest Car Round-Up…read on for your fill of auto-related news!


Electric car firm chooses UK as destination for new £12M plant

REE unveils £12m electric car plant in Coventry

Israeli electric car start-up specialist REE has revealed plans to open a £12M manufacturing hub. This will be a heavily automated site that will specialise in creating the platforms for its vehicles.

Bespoke “corners” can then be dropped in to integrate the electric motors and technology.

It will be based in Coventry and it’s said that the workforce there will consist of 300 people, many of whom have backgrounds in Honda, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston. The plant is expected to produce an impressive 10,000 cars per year.

This news is a huge positive for the UK in the country’s hopes of attracting new investments in the EV industry.


Cornish farmer tackles dodgy parking with funny sign

Parking sign on Cornish beach
Image: Greg Martin, Cornwall Live

A Cornish farmer has made the news this week after he came up with a quirky solution to dealing with dodgy parking on his land.

He decided to create two fees – £3 for parking ‘neat and tight’ and a higher £10 for ‘parking like a wally’ at Portheras Cove, Cornwall.

The car park at the beach has no ticket machine or inspector, but operates an “honesty” system whereby drivers are encouraged to pay for parking as they leave. There’s reportedly been a fair share of dodgy parking by tourists and locals alike on the car park, which prompted Mr. Flindall, local farmer and landowner of the car park, to create the sign.

He said that dodgy parking can mean fewer people get in, and fewer can visit the footpath and nearby beach.

“I don’t want to charge people too much,” Mr Flindall said, “or rip people off. But if they take up four spaces, then surely they should pay for four spaces. If people park sensibly we can get a fair few cars in, but if they don’t it’s mayhem.”


25 manufacturers back call for European ban on ICE cars


25 large car companies have called on the European Union to ban the sale of new ICE cars and vans from 2035.

Ford is just one of the manufacturers that has been vocal about its commitment to phasing out ICE cars in its range, something which it has committed to do by 2035.

The UK has already imposed a 2035 deadline for all new cars and vans to be zero-emissions.

Last year, the EU proposed a 100% cut in vehicular CO2 emissions by 2035 across its 27 member states, which would effectively achieve the same goal. 

The goal won’t be easily accomplished, however. Accounting giant Ernst and Young suggested that Europe would need 65 million chargers in operation by 2035 to cater to an EV pool of around 130 million. Some 85% of these devices would need to be installed at homes, according to the firm.


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New ‘car club’ service launched in UK

Enterprise CarClub launched in Norwich
Image: Keith Mindham Photography

A new car club service has launched in Norwich, UK, after launching a partnership with Norfolk County Council.

The car club is a membership subscription service that offers pay-as-you-go car rental and allows people the freedom of using a car without the expense of owning a vehicle.

Customers of the car club will have access to more than 40 vehicles, including the option of hybrid vehicles, with prices ranging from £4.95 per hour or £39.95 for the day.

Vehicles are dotted about the city in dedicated bays and are also available at physical Enterprise Rent-A-Car sites in the area.

It’s unclear yet as to whether the car club service will expand to other areas of the UK. However, this is a sign that demand for these types of alternative transport options is increasing, perhaps in line with the end of coronavirus restrictions and the rising costs of living in the UK.


Tesla to open up Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric cars

The electric charger for Tesla EV car, newly installed in rest area.

Tesla has announced it will expand its charging network to non-Tesla  owners at certain sites across the UK as part of a pilot scheme to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”.

158 devices at 15 Supercharger stations in the UK will be opened to non-Tesla drivers. Drivers can gain access to the Supercharger network through the Tesla smartphone app. 

The 15 sites that will initially be opened up to non-Tesla owners are: Aberystwyth, Adderstone, Aviemore, Banbury, Birmingham St Andrews, Cardiff, Dundee, Flint, Folkestone Eurotunnel, Grays, Manchester Trafford Centre, Thetford, Trumpington, Uxbridge and Wokingham.


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