Moneyshake Car Round-Up: New March Registration Plate Rules, Electric DeLorean Announced And More!

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Keeping you up to date with the latest car news – the Moneyshake bi-weekly Car Round-Up covers all the major headlines from the motor industry in the past two weeks.

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DeLorean DMC to be reborn as an electric sports car

DeLorean DMC

Where we’re going, we don’t need combustion engine cars.

The news that the DeLorean DMC – best known for its appearance in the hit film franchise Back To The Future as a time machine – will be reborn as an electric car has taken the world by storm.

Ironically, despite the car’s positive reception (predominantly from movie buffs), it was a flop when it was made available to purchase in 1982.

Electrical system failures, faulty wheel alignments, leaking doors, and a throttle that had a bad habit of sticking, were common issues with the car. However, the Texas-based manufacturer will be hoping that some of the positives, such as the car’s iconic stainless steel body, will be enough to make this evolved model a bigger success.

Who knows, maybe its gullwing doors could compete with the ones offered by leading EV manufacturer, Tesla. If not, we can still hold out for a flux capacitor add-on for occasional time travel, surely?


Ford are developing a clutchless manual gearbox for petrol and diesel cars

Man's hand on gear lever

Manufacturing giant Ford has shown yet again why it’s one of the leading automakers in the industry, when it announced that it will introduce a clutchless manual gearbox for ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

Essentially, the gearbox is mounted to the engine block, and the system allows drivers to change gear by just moving the gear lever. The clutch is operated by pressure sensors in the gear knob. These detect when the driver’s hand grips it in order to anticipate the gear change.

The system calculates the correct clutch action based on the next gear ratio and the speed of the car’s wheels.

It’s yet to be revealed when this clutchless gearbox will be arriving, and in what cars it will feature. But we’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be popular, especially as it retains the fun element of driving (changing gears) without the hassle of managing the clutch.


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Major number plate changes to take effect in March 2022

UK car number plate

From 1 March, new cars will have the “22” age identifier on the reg, but there are also new rules which affect what needs to appear on the number plate.

Every new car’s number plate must have the supplier’s business name and postcode, as well as the reg’s manufacturer name and new standard.

On top of this, there’s also specific rules relating to how the letters and numbers are displayed on a new reg. Only solid black lettering is allowed, as different shades for a 3D/4D effect has now been banned. It can be Perspex or acrylic lettering, so long as it meets the other requirements.

These changes will have an impact on vehicle pricing, with those people opting for a car without the latest “22” on it are likely to get a bargain.

To find out more about the new registration plate for March 2022, check out our other blog for everything you need to know about the changes.


General Motors take our vote for favourite car ad in the Super Bowl


General Motors (GM), which is famous for owning American car brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, showed the ‘Powers’ of nostalgic marketing with their half-time Super Bowl advert, which we voted as our favourite car ad from the whole event.

Using original cast from the James Bond spoof franchise Austin Powers – who, coincidentally, portrayed the GM board of directors – the company cleverly portrayed the villain Dr. Evil as an unlikely hero that is spearheading GM’s switch to an electric car fleet.

The comedic undertones are thoroughly entertaining; making the delivery of the serious message around climate change easier to digest.

Check it out below!



Polestar 5 electric sports saloon announced

Polestar bonded aluminium platform

Premium electric car brand Polestar, which has for years been competing with Tesla, made a huge announcement. It will be developing a sports saloon with supercar performance.

Being named the Polestar 5, this car will be the first model in the brand’s lineup to be produced in the UK. Namely, Polestar’s new engineering base in Warwickshire.

According to the manufacturer, the 5’s body is constructed mainly from bonded aluminium, which will give it stiffness likened to a supercar.

The car’s chief rival will be the Porsche Taycan, which has for the past three years has been the king of the performance EVs.


UK customers take first deliveries of the new Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

The new, long-awaited Tesla Model Y has arrived in the UK, with the first customers taking delivery through a variety of events around the country.

There’s a lot of excitement around the car, which is more practical than Tesla’s current best-selling car, the Model 3. On top of this, it comes with powerful electric motors and a big battery pack to guarantee strong performance and range. The standard Long Range model has a whopping 434bhp, a range of 331 miles between charges, a 135mph top speed, and a 0-62mph time of just 4.8 seconds.

A more powerful Performance version is available, which bumps power up to 483bhp, reducing the 0-62mph time to a rapid 3.5 seconds, and increases the top speed to 155mph. Bear in mind that the increase in power results in a range decrease, so this car can officially travel 319 miles between charges.


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SMMT say electric car chargers are ‘spread too unequally across UK’

Number of electric car chargers

The UK car industry has called for a new regulator to oversee legally binding targets for chargepoint installation. This comes after the Society for Motor Manufacturer and Traders (SMMT) raised concerns over an unequal divide of publicly available chargers.

We conducted our own research and found that the latest data from the Department for Transport (DfT) confirmed this disproportionate split. London, the South East and South West in particular have the biggest share of public chargepoints.

Combined, they have an incredible 61% share of the UK’s EV public chargers (15,243/24,926). Interestingly, workplace chargers were the most evenly split out of the different charging solutions, which seems to suggest how private and public sector companies have more success with purchasing chargers at the workplace through schemes such as the Workplace Charging Scheme.


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Used car market up despite volatility

Used car dealership

New data from the SMMT has revealed that the UK’s used car market grew by 11.5% to 7,530,956 transactions in 2021. That equals 777,997 more cars changing hands than in 2020.

Stock issues are still prevalent in the industry due to the global semi-conductor chip shortage, hence the growth in the used car market. However, this was still -5.5% below the pre-pandemic five-year average.

The chip shortage is expected to ease later this year, with many countries lifting coronavirus restrictions and manufacturing returning to normal imminently. So, there’s hope that the new car market can return to pre-pandemic levels in 2023 and beyond.


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