Moneyshake Car Round-Up: MOT Changes Considered, MG Pause Petrol Car Orders, The Most Searched For Used Cars And More!

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In this week’s Moneyshake Car Round-Up, we bring you the latest updates from the automotive industry. From changes to the MOT that could see you save money on your car garage bill, MG announcing that it’s pausing orders for its petrol range, plus an insight into which areas in the UK are most prepared for a switch to electric cars.

Read on for all this and more!


MOT changes: everything you need to know about MP discussions

A Mechanic checking on a car engine and taking notes

UK drivers may only need to take their cars for an MOT every two years instead of annually as the government discusses plans to tackle the to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Currently, the rules state that cars more than three-years-old require annual testing, with the only exemption classic cars. However, this could change to every two years if the bill is approved by each House of Parliament and receives Royal Assent.

The maximum legal cost of an MOT is £54.85, though many garages charge less.

Motoring groups and the industry in general has criticised the proposal, with the general consensus being that motorists could end up spending more on repair bills. It was also suggested that UK roads could be more dangerous as a result of the changes.


MG ends new petrol car sales

MG 3 steering wheel zoomed in

MG Motor UK has told its franchised dealers to stop taking orders for new petrol cars following what it describes as “unprecedented demand”, in which it filled its 2022 sales quota by the end of February.

The brand, which also specialises in affordable electric cars such as the MG ZS EV and MG 5, was reportedly overwhelmed by orders, which were in excess of 300 per day.

This increase in demand was extending lead times well into early next year, according to brand. Therefore, the decision was made to stop orders of its new petrol-engined vehicles.

You can still get your hands on the petrol plug-in hybrid MG HS which, like the rest of the brand’s line-up, has had a lot of mainstream success thanks to its affordable pricing, running costs and great standard equipment.


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BMW and Mercedes to sell car-sharing joint venture

Share Now car sharing service

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have announced that they will be selling their car-sharing joint venture, Share Now, to automaker Stellantis. This follows the company’s retreat from the North American car-sharing market in 2019 in response to high maintenance costs and what the companies described as the “volatile state of the global mobility landscape.”

Share Now, which is the market-leading car-sharing company in Europe, allows its customers to use smartphones for short-term rentals of cars that include Minis and Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles in cities.

It also reflects how automotive companies are looking into new revenue sources beyond just selling cars, with more development in the area of mobility services.


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The most popular used car brands, according to Google searches

Toy car model and magnifying glass for suggesting car search. The concept of search a car to buy

The top 10 most popular used car brands according to Google have been revealed.

Selling website analysed search data for all car brands in the UK to see which ones are the most desired when it comes to buying a used car.


Here is the full list of cars, from most popular to least popular brands, including the most searched for model for each manufacturer.

  1. BMW – 78,800 searches p/m, BMW 1 Series
  2. Audi – 59,000 searches p/m, Audi A1
  3. Mercedes-Benz – 50,000 searches p/m, Mercedes-Benz A-Class
  4. Ford: 21,800 searches p/m, Ford Fiesta
  5. Mini: 17,300 searches p/m, Mini Cooper
  6. Volvo: 15,900 searches p/m, Volvo XC40
  7. Porsche: 14,300 searches p/m, Porsche Cayenne
  8. Kia: 14,100 searches p/m, Kia Sportage
  9. Toyota: 13,900 searches p/m, Toyota Yaris
  10. Land Rover: 12,000 searches p/m, Land Rover Discovery

Lexus to launch first dedicated electric car

Lexus RZ electric car
Lexus RZ yoke steering wheel

Lexus has given car fanatics a bit of something to rave about in its first dedicated electric car, named the RZ.

It’s a crossover that will have all-wheel drive as standard and a WLTP range of 250 miles between charges, according to test results released by the manufacturer. However, these numbers rarely reflect real range out on the road, so you can expect a range of around 210 miles, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great either.

Lexus will likely be bringing out a longer range version of its first EV in future in order to compete with higher-mileage competition.

In the meantime though, you’ll be able to specify a very quirky yoke steering wheel (pictured above) in place of a regular round wheel. It uses a ‘One Motion Grip’ steer-by-wire system, meaning there’s no mechanical link and no conventional steering column. Instead, an electrical connection is used to send inputs from the steering wheel and the wheels. According to Lexus, the result is “instant response and more precise steering control”.

We’ll leave you to be the judge of whether it’s your cup of tea…


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