Moneyshake Car Round-Up: EV Grant Scrapped; Airless Tyres & More!

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Another two weeks have passed and so we’re back with another Moneyshake Car Round-Up.

This week, we’ve got news that includes the electric car grant being scrapped, how airless tyres could spell the end of flats, a new, details of a raised Audi A3 Citycarver that will be released in July, plus much more!

Catch up on all this by reading on for your fill of the latest car-related news.


UK government axes the plug-in car grant for electric cars

Electric car charging at a charging point around Archway area in London, England

The UK government has axed the £1,500 car grant for electric cars with immediate effect.

Since 2011 the scheme has been in place in order to allow drivers to afford EVs, which are typically more expensive than combustion engine alternative models. It was also a way of the government encouraging greater uptake of EVs by UK drivers in order to hit its ambitious target of slashing vehicle emissions by 78% by 2035.

“Success in the UK’s electric car revolution” is the reason the government has given for the decision. The government says that the number of EVs available below £32,000 (the maximum price point for an EV to qualify for the plug-in grant) now stands at 24, with many manufacturers introducing cheaper entry-level EVs.

The government now plans to focus its efforts on other barriers to entry for EVs, including public charging and supporting the purchase of other road vehicles where the switch to electric requires further development.


Could airless tyres be the future?

man touching a flat tire on the roadside

US tyre manufacturer Goodyear has revealed that it’s testing an airless tyre – one which runs on plastic spokes, with reinforced rubber treads.

According to the latest reports, a Tesla Model 3 has been the model of choice for giving these tyres a run for their money on the track.

These tyres are designed to hit a number of key painpoints that customers often grumble about. The key ones being that it’s low maintenance, recyclable and, perhaps most importantly, it’s puncture-proof.

French rival tyre maker Michelen has been a leader in the airless tyre manufacturing space for years. Its “Tweel” (tyre-wheel) was brought about in 2005 for slow-moving vehicles, including farming vehicles. However, to optimise this tech for road vehicles isn’t as straight-forward.

There are some niggles to overcome before any concrete plans can be confirmed to mass produce aireless tyres for all new cars.


This includes:

  • Greater rolling resistance increases the drag of aireless tyres
  • Noise issues – the humming of the rubber band on the outside has been noted as a bugbear
  • Rigidity of the plastic spokes increases the vibration through the suspension, which could decrease ride comfort

Should the airless tyre be introduced, they could be a good addition to electric cars. This is because the airless structure is rumoured to be suitable for handling the extra weight from EV batteries.


Audi A3 Citycarver announced for July

Audi A3 Citycarver

One of the best-selling cars in April 2022, the Audi A3 is trying really hard to conceal its (somewhat) new identity in the picture above.

But despite efforts from Audi to disguise it, we can confirm that this is in fact the new Audi A3 Citycarver – a high-riding version of the popular premium hatchback – that’s due for release next month.

So what can you expect from the A3 Citycarver? Well, it’s expected to be a filler between its popular SUVs, the Audi Q2 and Q3. And in fact it borrows some rugged styling cues from these vehicles too, which should make it easier for buyers to decide, if they can’t make their minds up between a diddy SUV or something that’s larger like the Q3.

Chunkier front and rear bumpers have been inspired by the Audi A1 Citycarver, which was released last year. However, this model hasn’t sold very well in the UK and, for the time being at least, it’s understood that Audi won’t bring the A3 Citycarver to the UK.

That doesn’t mean you still can’t get your hands on the regular A3, which is still a really popular choice for small families or admirers of premium cars alike.


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Mini crossover concept unveiled, and it’s…different

New mini crossover unveiled

Mini has announced that it will expand its line-up with two new SUVs that it hopes will shake up its operations even further since the takeover from BMW.

According to initial reports, the brand will be releasing an all-electric crossover, plus a combustion engine SUV that will use BMW’s latest modular platform.

This is part of a joint venture with Chinese automotive manufacturing giant Great Wall Motors, that are making great headway in the electric car market with affordable alternatives, such as the long range Ora FunkyCat.

It will be the first Chinese-produced Mini, and is said to be a five-door crossover-style SUV that has similar dimensions to the BMW X1. A small hatchback will join it at a later date too.

Sources close to Mini suggest that the electric Mini crossover concept could replace the BMW i3, though nothing has been confirmed yet.


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