Angry Customer Parks Slogan-Painted Vehicles In Front Of Land Rover Dealership

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An angry customer has blocked the entrance of a Land Rover dealership in Cardiff after they refused to fix a car he bought from them.

Mike Cox, 36, launched a campaign to have his Range Rover Vogue SE repaired by the garage after experiencing issues with a Range Rover he bought at the site in 2018.

He says he took the car back eight times due to problems with the cooling system. However, he didn’t get the help he believed he was entitled to under the terms of the car’s warranty.

In a bid to get his car repaired, Mr. Cox has blocked the entrance to the dealership in protest, using a Range Rover, caravan, McLaren and a truck. Messages printed were printed on the side of the vehicles urging passers-by not to buy one of the brand’s vehicles.


Mr. Cox held talks with Land Rover on Wednesday (May 11) but is yet to be offered any compensation.

He says he recently took out a fresh £2,500 warranty policy that ‘covered every issue’ but has been told the car is too old for it to apply.

The dealership has taken the matter to the courts and has won an injunction ordering that the vehicles be removed.

But Mr. Cox is holding firm, telling BBC Wales: ‘I’ll just move them to one of the other 74 dealerships, or the head office.

‘I want them to get the message that I am not going to go away, they will have 74 vehicles outside their garages and one outside their head office – it is wrong what they are doing.

‘It’s the same recurring problem and it just hasn’t been fixed properly – I have been back and forth about eight times now and they haven’t fixed it.

‘I have taken it to the Swansea dealership, I have taken it to the Cardiff dealership – it’s the same issue and I just want them to repair the car.’

Land Rover said it was aware of the situation and remained in regular contact with Mr. Cox.

A spokesperson told BBC Wales: ‘Land Rover always aims to provide the best customer service.

‘We are currently investigating this case and are in regular contact with the customer concerned.’


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