21 Most Exciting Cars In 2021

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BMW iX electric driving 2021

After the tough year that was 2020, you could be forgiven for wanting a little bit of good news to set the new year off on a different foot. Look no further than our list of the 21 best cars to come in 2021.

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1. BMW iX

This fresh interpretation of design marks the beginning of the future. The BMW iX, set to release in late 2021, redefines the Sports Activity Vehicle with its minimalist design (pictured above). The new look vertical kidney grille provides various functions including camera technology and other sensors, and it’s intelligent lightweight design increases the range of this fully electric vehicle.

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2. Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

Mercedes-Benz offer a look further in to the future of luxury vehicles with it’s Vision EQS model. The high-tech holographic headlights and it’s slick panoramic glass roof is what you would expect a futuristic car to look like, and it does not disappoint. With the EQS expected to release in the first half of 2021, there isn’t long to wait before you can get your hands on a small piece of the future.

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS future of luxury driving

3. Volkswagen ID.4

The ID.4 is the first of its range as Volkswagen also look to introduce a four-wheel-drive to it’s line-up in the near future as part of its plans to launch 75 fully electric models before 2029. With a buttonless interior and 10-colour ambient mood lighting, Volkswagen’s first fully electric SUV is sure to excite when it arrives later in the year.

Volkswagen ID.4 fully electric SUV

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4. Tesla Cybertruck

We can’t talk about cars of the future without mentioning the latest Tesla model, the Cybertruck. The all-electric design’s low centre of gravity provides extra-ordinary traction which allows a 0-60mph time as low as 2.9 seconds. The Cybertruck also boasts an almost impenetrable exo-skeleton, making it possibly the safest car ever designed. We expect this to be one of the best cars scheduled for release in 2021, from an innovation perspective.

Tesla Cybertruck innovative driving 2021

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5. Ford Mustang Mach-E

The name Mustang is likely to bring about some excitement to even the smallest of car enthusiasts, and this fully electric SUV really lives up to the name. Ford has followed the lead of other forward-thinking brands by incorporating futuristic innovations in to it’s model, including the ability to use your mobile phone as a key, and even start the car using a personalised code. A lot to be excited about!

silver Ford Mustang Mach-E electric features

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6. Nissan Qashqai

The popular SUV gets a re-vamp in the summer of 2021, and while it has a lot to live up to from previous generations, we’re sure it won’t disappoint! The ProPilot driver assistance does exactly what it says, controlling acceleration/braking, and even corrective steering where necessary! Range will not be a problem with the e-Power range-extender as recharges can be done via a small on-board petrol engine. Convenience really is paramount for the Qashqai and it looks on course to exceed expectations.

All-New Nissan Qashqai - Exterior 20-source

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7. Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo‘s second SUV immediately stands out with its smooth design in its concept form, and not much is expected to change during production. 3 years after the release of the Stelvio, popularity among SUVs has lead to the Tonale coming for 2021, and it is available in 3 driving modes. Advanced, Dual Power, and Natural, all providing differing performances whilst varying in its fuel economy.

Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV Scheduled Release

8. Chevrolet Corvette

The new Chevrolet Corvette is only slightly different from the 2020 model, but still offers enough to get us excited about its release in late 2021. The new Corvette will offer slightly different suspension setup and comes in two new colours, Red Mist Tintcoat (below), and Silver Flare Metallic. Exciting right?

Chevrolte Corvette Best Sports Car

9. Porsche 911 GT3

The updated model of the famous Porsche 911 GT3 is almost unchanged from its predecessor. But it is difficult to not get excited about even the slightest of changes to one of the greatest sports cars ever made. A first look at the new single rear light offers a fresh perspective on the classic model. Producing 503bhp and up to 9000rpm, the 2021 model, expected in the Spring, is set to be the fastest ever!

Classic Remake Porsche 911 GT3 Test

10. DS 9

DS‘ classy looking, luxury saloon attempts to compete with other luxury cars such as the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6, whilst using engines from the Peugeot 508. LED headlights, a big front grille, and similar dimensions to its competitors will position the DS 9 alongside the more luxurious cars. It’s £30,000 estimated start price makes it considerable cheaper than it’s competition, so expect it to generate excitement in the early part of 2021 when it is expected to release.

Looking for more info on the technical specs and features of the upcoming DS 9? Read our blog post on this exciting model to find out all you need to know.

DS 9 price and release date

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11. Fiat 500

2021 marks the release of the new Fiat 500, expected in the early part of the year. This electric version of the popular city car offers a range of 199 miles that can be fully recharged inside 35 minutes. Rear doors have been added to the updated model to make the car a little more practical, making it a great option for your next car. In its new guise, the 500 has matured a lot since its early days – moving from a ‘runabout’ to a serious family hatchback.

Fiat 500 2021 release

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12. Jaguar F-Pace

A new plug-in hybrid option on the Jaguar F-Pace is set for release during the early months of 2021, and there is a lot to be excited about. Aside from it’s range of driving assistance features, Jaguar offer an 11.4″ touchscreen that can be WiFi enabled to utilise an array of media services including Netflix! Long journeys will suddenly become the centre of excitement for passengers.

Jaguar F-Pace media services available

13. Vauxhall Mokka

Vauxhall’s small SUV is available as your conventional petrol or diesel models, but also available as a fully-electric model, aptly named the Mokka-e. A 7.0″ infotainment screen is included, but can be upgraded to 10.0″ or even 12.0″ if desired. With a smart new design priced from as low as around £21,000, there is a lot to be excited about.

Vauxhall Mokka petrol diesel or fully electric

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14. BMW i4

The new BMW i4 is designed to bring electric driving to the core of the BMW brand. It uses the same modern design as the iX albeit with a sportier look, as well as incorporating the same grille technology as the iX. The most powerful model will produce 523bhp, enough to excite anyone. All things considered, we believe in years to come we will look back on the BMW i4 as the best car to come out of 2021.

Best car 2021 BMW i4

15. McLaren Elva Gulf

This take on a modern classic is inspired by McLaren’s racing history. It is then unsurprising that the Gulf edition of the Elva, set for release in the spring of 2021, will do 0-62mph under 3 seconds. With a limited number of the Gulf editions being produced, it shouldn’t shock anyone to see them starting at over £1,000,000.

Mclaren Elva Gulf limited edition

16. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai’s 4th generation Tucson‘s plug-in hybrid model is expected to release early this year, whilst some versions released at the back end of 2020. The whole range includes mild hybrids whilst the top model is full hybrid. A 10.3″ digital instrument makes life on the road much easier and with 9 new colours available, this family SUV is sure to be sought after in 2021.

Hyundai Tucson Family SUV

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17. Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen’s hot hatch is set to beat its competitors in power and acceleration when it is released in the spring of 2021. With 316bhp and the ability to do 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds, the Golf R is fast. New driving assistance systems and adaptive suspension make the latest model all the more desirable.

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18. Range Rover Sport

2021 sees an update to the Range Rover P400e. Not only is the new model’s exterior available in two new colours (Lantau Bronze & Hakuba Silver) but the inclusion of mild-hybrid technology makes the 2021 edition the most efficient and high tech Range Rover Sport on the market.

Range Rover Sport update mild hybrid

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19. Audi Q4 e-tron

The Audi Q4 e-tron, expected for release in the summer, is perhaps one of the more exciting releases of the year. The all electric SUV is described by Audi themselves as an ‘agile all rounder that is suitable for city driving’. It’s +450km range really sets a benchmark for electric SUV’s and the Solar Sky colour paint is specifically developed for the Q4 e-tron. Who doesn’t want to drive a car that’s colour is totally unique?

Audi Q4 e-tron all electric release 2021

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20. Hyundai 45 (Concept)

Hyundai unveiled this concept back in 2019 and looks set to release towards the back end of 2021. The minimalistic exterior shows Hyundai’s future design direction, although tweaks are expected to be made to the final production model. On top of it’s futuristic design, the 45 adds some refreshing convenience to its interior. Seats that swivel towards the open door to allow easier entry/exit are just one of the exciting features included in the concept.

Hyundai 45 Concept expected release date

21. Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

Dubbed the rebirth of a legend by Alfa Romeo, the Giulia GTA is expected for release at some point during 2021, exact dates are yet to be confirmed. Additional power comes from an upgraded Alfa Romeo engine, with the adoption of ultralight materials decreasing the weight significantly. Only 500 units of this limited edition model will be produced, so you can expect the price to be eye-watering.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA release date 2021

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