2021 DS 9 Luxury Car Uncovered: Price, Features And Release Date

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2021 DS 9

The DS 9 is a new addition to the range, with powerful plug-in hybrid engines, slick looks and sophisticated tech onboard.

  • Signature DS mesh grille
  • New powerful plug-in hybrid engine
  • Electric-only range of up to 31 miles
  • Luxury interior materials and design
  • Level two semi-autonomous driving features
  • Active suspension for constant driving comfort
  • Plush chrome trim
  • Available to buy/lease in 2021
  • Prices expected to start from £30,000

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The DS 9 may be something entirely different to the crossover-styles of the DS 3 and larger DS 7, but it’s very much a by-product of the brand’s entire DNA. That is, it has all the characteristics you’d expect from a luxury saloon (comfort, quality interior materials, spaciousness etc.) and is priced competitively versus its German heavyweight rivals, the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series.

2021 DS 9 design

The first thing you’ll notice about the latest DS is that it has big car dimensions that give it a commanding air. At nearly five metres long and two metres wide, it has a broad stance that’s very similar to that of the A6 and 5 Series.

2021 DS 9

Besides just being a big motor, the DS 9 has a bold front-end that’s characterised by slick LED headlights, a mesh grille and a bumper with striking air intakes. All these features hang low on the front of the car too which gives the bonnet a sporty, aggressive elongated look.

2021 DS 9

Walk around to the side of the DS 9 and athletic lines run the entire length of the car, which merge onto the brake lights to become the top part of them. Speaking of the back, it’s seems almost tapered in an aerodynamic fashion that gives it plenty of finesse and a hint of sportiness. DS refers to this as a ‘fastback’ style, and we have to admit it looks sharp, without appearing too abrupt on this otherwise refined motor.

2021 DS 9 interior

Inside the DS 9 is where you begin to appreciate just how splendidly rich its design is. As standard, the car is draped with leather and Alcantara along the dash and seats. If that wasn’t enough, in the front the seats are heated, cooled and come with a massage function.

2021 DS 9

Dominating the cockpit is a crisp, landscape 12.3″ infotainment that you control using crystal-shaped, touch-sensitive buttons either side of the gearknob. All your media audio streams through a premium 14-speaker sound system that provides a clear, bassy sound.

2021 DS 9

From side-on, you can see just how the comfort elements of the DS 9 extend into the rear. The same, premium leather upholstery is used on the seats to ensure all passengers are given a relaxed experience, which is especially important on long-distance journeys (where this type of car will mostly be used).

2021 DS 9 engines

Upon launch, only one ‘E-TENSE’ plug-in hybrid engine will be offered with the DS 9: a turbocharged, 1.6-litre petrol unit with an electric motor backing it up for a total power output of 225bhp. A rechargeable 11.kWh battery is also onboard which allows you to drive between 25-31 miles (WLTP tested).

2021 DS 9

Just like any electrified powertrain in a car, the DS 9 features a regenerative braking system that’s able to recoup energy back into the battery whenever you decelerate or brake. However, you will need to charge it when it’s low, but this only takes 1.5 hours from a home 7kW charger using the charger supplied with the vehicle.

In the future, a further two E-TENSE engines will join the line-up. First, a 250bhp unit with an extended range, then it will be followed by a range-topping 360bhp power unit with four-wheel drive. If you’re not too keen on a hybrid model, there will also be a 222bhp petrol option available too.

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2021 DS 9 driving and safety

What’s most impressive about the DS 9 is the array of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) onboard, all of which allow level two semi-autonomous driving (with driver supervision still required). ‘DS Drive Assist’, as it’s being referred to, includes the following:

  • Park Pilot – detects parallel and bay parking spaces at up to speeds of 18mph. The driver only needs to indicate on the touchscreen that they want to park, keep the ‘Park’ button pressed and let the tech take over to accelerate, brake and steer you into the space.
  • Adaptive cruise control – multiple sensors control the speed and power delivery of the car so that you’re kept at a safe distance from the car in front while driving at motorway speeds.
  • Lane assist – camera systems onboard constantly scan the road to keep the car between the lines.
  • Night vision – an infrared camera in the front grille detects pedestrians, cyclists and animals up to 100 metres ahead, providing the driver with visual alerts appearing on the instrument display behind the steering wheel.
  • Driver attention monitoring – another infrared camera mounted on the windscreen watches the driver’s eyes for signs of fatigue (i.e. blinking), their face and head movements for signs of distraction. It will also monitor any erratic movements before automatically sounding an audible warning an displaying another warning on the central screen.
  • Active LED Vision – adapts width and range of LED headlights based on driving conditions and the car’s speed. Five different lighting modes activate automatically (Parking, Town Beam, Country Beam, Motorway Beam and Adverse Weather).
2021 DS 9

Beyond futuristic driver tech, the DS 9 does the basics well too. An active suspension is standard from entry-level models, using camera systems to scan the road, level sensors, accelerometers and drivetrain sensors to monitor every moment and applies damping of each wheel to deal with uneven road surfaces.

Lots of research was undertaken to ensure outside noise (wind, tyre roar etc.) was suppressed in the DS 9. From this, the decision was made to include laminated acoustic glass around the entire car which minimises vibrations through the cabin and achieve a serene atmosphere while on the move.

We’re yet to test drive the DS 9, though we’ll keep you updated with our personal experience of taking this car out on the road as and when it becomes available.

2021 DS 9 practicality

Despite having a battery pack, electric motor and onboard charger packed into its body, the DS 9 holds up particularly well in the practicality department. Namely, in the boot there’s 510 litres – 20 litres less than the A6 and 5 Series – but its significantly cheaper asking price is bound to have buyers questioning whether a slightly bigger boot is worth the extra cash.

DS 9 practicality

While a smaller boot than the competition might be a bit of a peeve to some of you wanting to double up this car as a family motor on the weekends, where there’s significant room is for your passengers.

There’s room in the back for three, though like most big saloon cars the middle space is best reserved for a smaller child. This is because it’s slightly more raised than the two either side, while the base of the seat is narrower too. Seating two in the back is where you’ll find the best use of this space, especially because a large, fold-down armrest with cupholders is in the centre of the seat.

2021 DS 9 price and release date

Expected to start from £30,000, the DS 9 asking price is going to be considerably cheaper than the retail price of both the A6 (£37,265) and 5 Series (£37,480).

DS 9 price and release date

Range-topping 4×4, 360bhp versions of the car are going to be the most expensive trims in the line-up, with prices anticipated to start from around £73,000.

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