New Volkswagen ID.3 Available To Lease

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The new Volkswagen ID.3

Back in 2016 we were shown the Volkswagen ID.3 as merely a concept car at the Paris Motor Show. Now it’s here and available to lease from just £305pcm.

VW isn’t resting on its laurels with the ID.3, which it predicts will be as big a success as the iconic Beetle and Golf before it.

That’s what they say, but what do you think? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Volkswagen’s EV champion car in this article, including available trim levels, price and features.

Compare Volkswagen ID.3 lease deals

Specifications and prices

The new Volkswagen ID.3

Rather amazingly, there are seven – yes, seven! – different specs of the VW ID.3 available to lease from Moneyshake.

All versions of the ID.3 get the same 58kWh battery and 201bhp electric under the shell, barring the range-topping Tour trim, which comes with a massive 77kWh unit that delivers 336 miles (WLTP combined test) on a single charge.

Most people will be happy with the minimum 258-mile range on offer, though more tech-savvy equipment is available with higher-grade models.

Compare key features of all seven ID.3 specifications below to help you decide on the right one for you.

Volkswagen ID.3 trim comparison 2

Battery and performance

The new Volkswagen ID.3

Top-of-the-range Tour trims of the ID.3 receive the biggest battery in the line-up, with a 77kWh that allows you to drive 336 miles on a single charge. That knocks socks off of the Nissan Leaf 62kWh‘s 239-mile range, as well as the more premium Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus‘s range (254 miles). Even the Max spec of the ID.3 – which has the least range of any at 258 miles – is enough to pip the competition.

As far as performance is concerned, you’ll get the same 201bhp electric motor on every ID.3, at least for now. Progression is quick thanks to a combination of its power output and the EV-typical instant torque delivery, both of which mean you can get up to 62mph from standstill in a nippy 7.3 seconds.

VW has revealed that a cheaper version of the ID.3 will join the range soon, featuring a 48kWh battery and a less powerful 148bhp motor. Still, the 205-mile range is promising for those drivers wanting a flashy, efficient vehicle that will travel locally each day and do the occasional long-distance trip.

Out on the road, the ID.3 has much more of an engaging drive than that of the Renault Zoe, for example, without taking away from the quiet and relaxing feel in the cabin you’d expect from a battery-powered car.

In town you’ll find the steering agile and light, while the 10.2m turning circle is a nod to how easy manoeuvring this car really is. Once you build up to motorway speeds, you can select ‘Sport’ mode that will add a bit more weight to the steering that provides you with more confidence when changing direction.


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Passenger and boot space

The new Volkswagen ID.3

The VW ID.3 has a 385-litre boot that’s a similar size to the Golf. It has a useful box-shaped opening too that helps when you’re lifting heavier items into the back.

If you’re after a bigger boot, the Nissan Leaf (435 litres) and Tesla Model 3 (425 litres) are much more adept at handling your stuff.

60:40-split folding rear seats, plus a handy ski hatch for longer items, provides a decent amount of flexibility when you’re loading items into the back of the ID.3. There’s also a height-adjustable boot floor as standard that makes a big difference lifting weightier bits n bobs into the boot by reducing the impact of the load lip.


The new Volkswagen ID.3

Each ID.3 can fast charge up to 100kW (125kW for Tour specifications) that will give you an 80% charge in about half an hour. However, most public fast chargers have a 50kW output, so you’re more likely to be waiting for around an hour to get this sort of charge.

Most EV charging is done overnight through a home wall box in order to save time (and money), with electricity tariffs working out much cheaper than public charging points.

A standard 7kW home charger will charge your ID.3 from 0-100% in around nine hours.

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