6 Reasons To Love Car Leasing

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, not all of us can say we will be spending it with somebody else. But fear not – with car leasing you can enjoy spending quality time with your perfect new car.

But what is it about a lease car that brings the spark back into car buying? Read on to discover six reasons to love car leasing.


1. Fixed monthly payments


Unlike the legend of St. Valentine secretly marrying young couples during the Roman era, it’s no secret that some car finance deals can spring up some unwanted costs. That’s why we’re passionate about leasing.

Leasing works somewhat like a phone contract. You will pay a monthly fee to hire the car, which is based on the make and model, and how many miles you expect to drive each year. Unlike other financing options, that monthly fee is fixed for the entire duration of your lease.

So when you compare deals on Moneyshake, the price you see is the price you pay.

Do you want full transparency surrounding the costs of your new car? Start your leasing journey today and find the right deal for you.


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2. All lease cars are brand new


As standard across our range, all leased cars from Moneyshake come brand new. In the long run this makes driving your car much cheaper as you are less likely to experience problems that require servicing with a new car than you would with a used vehicle.

New cars will come with the manufacturers’ warranty included with the lease price as well. So if there’s a fault with the car because of something out of your control, you’ll be covered by the warranty.

You can even use the money saved to treat yourself to some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while you stay in and watch movies this Valentine’s Day. We know we will.


3. Lots of cars to choose from


With car leasing, you aren’t limited to any one manufacturer or model. With more than 35 major manufacturers available on Moneyshake, you can always be sure that driving your favourite model is more than just a pipe dream.

What’s more, our panel of the UK’s top leasing providers is as large as anywhere else and will make sure that you are guaranteed to get the best price on your car.

Who needs cupid when you can drive away in a brand-new Porsche 911?

Porsche 911 is one reason to love car leasing

So whether you’re looking for the latest Ford Fiesta, or a Tesla Model 3, the right lease is there for you.

Don’t believe us? Check out our range of manufacturers today and get started leasing your dream car.


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4. Maintenance can be included


Faults within your control, like any wear and tear or small bumps will have to be serviced at your own cost.

Fortunately, almost all leasing providers offer maintenance packages that can be included in your lease deal. These can vary between providers but commonly these packages will cover you for servicing, MOTs, and breakdown cover amongst other things.

A maintenance package is usually offered at an additional small cost to your monthly payments. The price of which depends on some key factors such as the expected mileage and the make/model of the car you are leasing.

Read our useful guide if you want more information about car lease maintenance packages.


5. You can drive a new car every few years


We live in an age where, no sooner do we drive out of the forecourt, there’s a new model available. Therefore we don’t want to be stuck with the same car for years on end. That’s why leasing has become so popular over the last decade.

After your lease deal expires, you simply hand the car back and can begin driving a brand-new car on another lease deal. Why keep a car and eventually try to sell it when you can spend every second Valentine’s Day with a new one?

This means that you don’t have to worry about depreciation costs. And as long as you keep the car in a condition within the Fair Wear and Tear guidelines, you will face no further charges after you have made the monthly payments.


6. Free delivery as standard


With Moneyshake leasing, free UK mainland delivery is standard across all available makes and models. So you can order it from the comfort of your own home, and have it delivered there at no extra cost. What’s not to love?

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Ready to start your leasing journey? Compare special offers at Moneyshake and find the right deal for you in under 5 minutes.


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