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July 29th Car Leasing
8 Tips For Driving Lessons After The Coronavirus

Are you about to return to your driving lessons following the coronavirus lockdown? Fear not, because we have 13 tips to help make sure you stay safe and pass your practical test in no time.

July 27th Car Leasing
Laws On Mobile Phone Use While Driving

The law on using mobile phones while driving is a very serious subject and the government doesn’t take the issue lightly. Hand-held phones are only legal to use while driving in a couple of circumstances and in most cases your phone must be hands-free, not blocking your view of the road ahead and not seen to be causing a distraction.

July 23rd Car Leasing
8 Driving Laws You Didn’t Know You Could Break in Summer

Planning a summer trip? Find out 8 driving laws you could be breaking in the heatwave.

July 20th Car Leasing
Classic Car Quiz: What Do You Know About These Cars?

Think you have what it takes to beat our classic car quiz? Then start your engine, get into first gear and begin the journey of knowledge to find out what you know.