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December 12th Car Leasing
How To Pass Your UK Driving Theory Test

The driving theory test forms half of the overall assessment you must pass before becoming road legal and ready to venture out freely in your new motor.

December 9th Car Leasing
Kia Sportage Review

For an affordable SUV crossover, the Kia Sportage has plenty of premium quality about it and is one of the most practical cars in its class.

December 5th Car Leasing
Top 7 Facts About Tesla’s Cybertruck

Tesla’s announcement that it will begin production of an EV (Electric Vehicle) Cybertruck in 2021 has prompted many questions from car fanatics and tech-heads alike. Its likeness to a ‘Spinner’ vehicle from Blade Runner has already divided opinion, but will these top 7 facts make it your ideal next car?

December 2nd Car Leasing
The Volkswagen ID. Concept: Uncovered

Volkswagen turned some heads when they released an advert which showed a fleet of four- what can only be described as ‘robocars’. The all-electric line-up consists of a campervan, hatchback, SUV crossover and sports car rolling along in unison. Has this new EV family got something which tickles your fancy?