What Are In Stock Lease Cars?

In stock lease cars refers to brand-new vehicles which a leasing provider has available to order right now. It’s the quickest option as far as delivery is concerned, with wait time typically between 7-21 days.

But will this option allow you to get a vehicle you want? And is it cheaper than a typical deal? Discover our guide to in stock cars to find out if it’s the right option for you.

What is meant by ‘in stock’?

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While you can build a car to order online through a dealer or provider, this takes a considerable amount of time. Known as ‘factory orders’, this is where a new vehicle is ordered to your exact specification, built and often shipped from where it was built.

It can take months before the car is delivered to you, which most of us don’t have the patience or capacity to wait for. This is because a lot of the time we only seriously look at getting a new car when we need one, like when our old motor has reached the end of its lifespan or is off the road having repairs.

This is where in stock cars get their appeal from. They tend to be a certain trim level, meaning you won’t be able to add in fancy extras or request a more powerful engine. However, they’ll still have great modern features and be covered by the full manufacturer’s warranty throughout the course of your contract.

Even if a dealer doesn’t have the car you want, the manufacturer will often offer them a search facility where another dealership’s stock can be checked. Should another facility have the car, a swap can be arranged so you can easily get hold of the vehicle you want.

Are lease cars in stock right now?

On comparison sites such as Moneyshake, all deals shown on the website are in stock. All deals are regularly updated, and you will be able to see the manufacturer, model and trim level of each deal, with any additional upgrades or perks you request likely resulting in a factory order.

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Remember: Providers will treat in stock offers as ‘first come, first serve’ so there may be times where you need to be quick to enquire on a vehicle you want, otherwise it could be gone in a matter of hours.

Can I save money by choosing an in stock car?

Because factory orders require you to choose the exact specifications of your new car – from the colour right down to wingmirror accessories – you pay a premium rate for this privilege.

Dealers recognise that in stock vehicles are almost a ‘take it or leave it’ option and can offer you discount when you choose one of these cars. Sometimes, this option is available for its popular models, knowing that they will sell because they know that not everyone has the time, patience or money to be able to wait for a factory order.

Also, a vehicle which is in stock could have features which you otherwise would have opted against. For example, a fluorescent paint colour which wasn’t the subtle shade of green you were looking for. In this instance, you could even negotiate the sale and a they may just knock money off the car in order to clear it from the shop floor.

What are the different types of in stock cars?

There are three different varieties of vehicles which are classed as in stock, which are pre-registrations, nearly new cars and ex-demonstrators (or ‘ex-demo’).

Pre-registered cars

Pre-registered cars are vehicles that have already been purchased and registered in the dealer’s name. They are mostly sold so that dealers can hit quarterly and annual sales targets, but for someone looking to drive away in a car that feels new, they’re great.

They have few or no miles on the clock and are mostly popular models which the leasing provider needs to sell or lease as a priority. As a result, it’s more likely that you can bag a bargain on a nearly new vehicle in the form of lower monthly payments.

Because it’s ready to go, delivery time should be fast too.

Remember: You will be the second owner/leasee of a pre-registered car, so even if it hasn’t racked up any miles, there may be an older registration plate on the vehicle.


An ex-demo car is quite the opposite. Mainly because it will have been used by other people for things such as customer test drives, or as transport for dealer staff.

Regardless, the car will only be around 3-6 months old and is likely to have the best features available, especially because intentions will be to impress potential customers. Also, hefty discounts are likely since the car has been used multiple times and won’t be brand-new like a standard lease vehicle.

Nearly new cars

Nearly new cars will be sold to dealers and providers via an auction. These cars will be under manufacturer-approved schemes and will most likely include the full warranty, though be sure to check this.

At most these vehicles will be a year old but have very low mileage.

Remember: Most nearly new cars tend to be more basic than the others. As such, they may not be suitable for you if you’re after a model with specific gadgets and higher specs.

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